Average Indian lifespan to rise in next 10 yrs
Source :Agencies   Date :03-Oct-2012

Males to Live 5.2 Yrs More, Females 4.6

New Delhi, October 3: The lifespan of an average Indian will continue to increase over the next decade. By 2016, an average Indian male and female will live till 68.8 and 71.1 years, respectively. This will rise by one more year for an average male by 2021 (69.8 years) and by 1.2 years for an average female (72.1), according to Union health ministry’s life expectation (LE) at birth projection released last week. 

When compared to the LE estimates of 2008 — to be announced by the Registrar General of India (RGI) this week, the lifespan of an average Indian male will increase by 5.2 years and that of a female by 4.6 years between 2008 and 2021, Times of India reports. 

However, some things won’t change between now and 2021. The life expectancy of an average Indian male will continue to be highest in Kerala. Whilethe RGI’s data shows it is presently 71.5 years for an average male in Kerala, the Union health ministry National Health Profile 2011 released last week says it will be 75.2 years in 2021. 

As far as females are concerned, Kerala once again will take the top spot in 2021. According to the WHO’s health statistics 2011, the average life expectancy at birth stood at 68 years in 2009 — an increase by two years since 2000. 

The health statistics 2011 had said that an average Indian (both sexes) lived eight years longer in 2009, compared to what he did two decades ago.