Dear Prime Minister, don’t terrorise Muslims in Gujarat: Muslims voice against PM statement
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-Dec-2012

$img_titleAhmadabad, December 12: Showing a dissent to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s statement that Minority in Gujarat is feeling unsecured in Gujarat, Muslims in Gujarat are condemning him for terrorising Muslims in Gujarat. Rais khan Pathan, an ex aide of infamous activist Teesta Setalvad has written an open letter to the PM and stated various facts showing that minorities in Gujarat are safe and are living without any feeling of insecurity.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in an Election Rally at Navsari District Stated that Minority in Gujarat is feeling unsecured in Gujarat. According to Rais Khan, Prime Minister by his statement has tried to terrorize the minority community in Gujarat to secure votes for congress party which is against the Election norms. 

Targeting the Narendra Modi government, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday said the time has come to ‘liberate’ Gujarat from divisive politics and regretted that minorities were feeling ‘insecure’ in the BJP-ruled state. He commented that Unlike the Opposition the Congress Party does not play politics of dividing the people. Such type of politics is bad in it and for a longer period of time cannot be beneficial for a political party said The Prime Minister addressing his first poll rally in this tribal town of Navsari district in south Gujarat.

Without naming Modi, Manmohan Singh said that the time has come to liberate Gujarat from this type of politics and to not let those people come back to power, who have been trying to get votes by dividing our society and country.

Speaking like an ordinary party worker, Manmohan Singh further said that the Congress party has always acted to unite the people of the country. "We have been getting regular complaints that minorities and a few other segments of society are feeling insecure in the state. Even a few state government officers have filed such complaints, which is very unfortunate for our country," Singh said.

The Prime Minister turned into a Gujarat Congress worker by arguing that, the foundation of Gujarat's development was laid by the Congress governments in 70s. It is due to the hard working people of this state that it is considered to be developing.

Narendra Modi immediately hit back at the Prime Minister for playing the minority card. “The Prime Minister, who visited Gujarat today, is playing vote bank politics in the name of minority and majority (communities). It is sad that the Prime Minister of the country cannot rise above votebank politics,” Modi said at a poll rally in Valsad town on Sunday.

"The Prime Minister is saying that minorities feel insecure in Gujarat. With a sad heart, I have to explain to him that Gujarat does not distinguish between minority and majority and the state government is working for the upliftment of six crore people of the state," he said.

"You (PM) get elected in the Rajya Sabha from Assam. The entire country knows about the massacre that went on in your home state six months back. Districts after the districts were engulfed in communal violence," he added.

However, in the last ten years there had been no communal violence in Gujarat, he claimed.

In his letter to the Prime Minister dated 10 October, Rais Khan Pathan has stated that Dr. Manmohan Singh’s statement is against the stature of the post of a Prime Minister which is also against the facts.

Asserting that he too is a Muslim whom in India are called a ‘Minority’, Pathan has written that he is staying in Ahmadabad since last 11 years with his family enjoying a peaceful life.

Rais Khan Pathan has presented some factual data about the situation of Muslim in India’s other states. In Uttar Pradesh, 106 riots in 260 days have taken place in the governance by Samajwadi Party and CM Akhilesh Yadav. These riots witnessed worst cases of damage to the properties of Muslims and killing of many Muslims. In the last two years, Rajasthan many communal riot situations happened. Significant in that, in September 2011, seventeen Muslims were barbarically killed by Police. Similarly, in Assam, which Dr. Manmohan Singh represents in Rajya Sabha, also Muslims are not stable. And in Maharashtra, since last 11 years, 1192 riots happened in which more than 300 Muslims died.

Rais Khan Pathan has asked that whether the Prime Minister is not aware of those facts and asked him not to make propaganda about Muslims in Gujarat and restrain them from a free and fearless poll.

Rais Khan Pathan has also presented a reality of Gujarat stating that Gujarat has not witnessed any communal riot of a curfew since last 10 years. Gujarat’s Kite industry has reached to 2000 crores of turnover, which is controlled by Minority community.

Comparing to other states, minorities in Gujarat are more literate.

A large section of minorities which migrated from Gujarat after 2002 riots has returned to Gujarat and feeling safe and peaceful living in the State.

Stating those facts, Rais Khan Pathan condemned that PM’s statement and said that Muslims are safe in Gujarat and Prime Minister’s statement is meant for terrorise Minorities and forcing them to vote for the Congress party.