Shabnam Hashmi uses Govt residence for anti-Gujarat activities : MP Rupala writes to PM
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 26-Feb-2013

Shabnam Hashmi uses Govt residence for anti Gujarat activitiesAhmedabad, February 26: Despite the fact that the Government does not allow official bungalows to be used for any other purpose, the NGO ANHAD and Activist Shabnam Hashmi are using official residence of  Planning Commission member Syeda Hameed illegally.

Both Hashmi and her NGO ANHAD are known for their riot related constant campaigns against Narendra Modi in Gujarat and targeting Indian security forces in Kashmir Valley.

Saying that the government official residence is misused for promoting anti-Gujarat activities BJP MP Purushottam Rupala has written to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and  requested to intervene and cancel the allotment of the bungalow.

Bungalow No 23 on Canning Lane was allotted to Syeda Hameed by the Urban Development Ministry on August 6, 2004 for residential purposes only. However, this bungalow also headquarters the office of Act Now for Harmony and Democracy (ANHAD). The NGO and Shabnam Hashmi have been using this bungalow as its registered office since September 25, 2007. Notably ANHAD’s website too lists this bungalow as its official address.

BJP MP Parashotam RupalaBJP MP Parashotam Rupala has demanded immediate cancellation of allotment of Banglow No-23 Canning Lane to Dr Sayeeda Hameed. In his letter Rupala has also urged action against Shabnam Hashmi led NGO ANHAD for concealment of facts from the Ministry of Home on receipt of foreign funds.

In his earlier letter to the Prime Minister sent on January, 3rd, 2013 , Rupala informed him that how Banglow No-23 Cannig lane New Delhi which is an official residence of Dr Sayeeda Hameed allotted to her by the Ministry of Urban Development as a Member of Planning Commission is being used by NGO ANHAD as its registered office for anti-Gujarat activities. Rupala despite the lapse of more than one and a half month, response to his letter is still awaited from the Prime Minister.

ANHAD’s activities

ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy) is an NGO established in March 2003, as a response to 2002 Gujarat riots. Shabnam Hashmi and Marxian historian Prof. K N Panikkar and social activist Harsh Mander are the founding members of ANHAD. ANHAD claims to be active in the field of secularism, human rights and communal harmony. ANHAD’s activities have remained controversial as It plays a major role in riot related malicious campaigns in Gujarat and targeting campaigning against India security forces in Kashmir Valley.

ANHAD is registered as a trust and has six trustees. They are Shabnam Hashmi, K N Panikkar, Harsh Mander, Shubha Mudgal, Kamla Bhasin, Saeed Akhtar Mirza.

ANHAD hiding foreign funding details

BJP MP has also stated that ANHAD has not declared to the Ministry of Home that it has also received Euro 3580 from HIVOS, the Netherlands during March 2010 to May 2010. This is nothing but a concealment of facts warranting appropriate action against the trustees.

In his letter to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rupala  has also given year wise following details of  payments received by ANHAD.

Year wise following details of payments received by ANHADRupala states, “As per the documents available with me I want to put on record that ANHAD which got FCRA permission on 02/09/09 from Ministry of Home to receive foreign donation, got Rs 1,83,68,168.00  from various donors in just eight months time i.e. from 12/12/09 to 23/08/2010.”

Pro Pakistan leaning and anti RSS psyche

Shabnam Hashmi and her ANHAD are well known for their anti Saffron stand and propaganda. In her most recent press release to condemn Hyderabad blasts, Hashmi says, “While Shinde might retract his statement to make peace with BJP the fact is that there have been innumerable attacks by the sangh terror network in India and it needs deeper investigation and prosecution. Further she says that while strongly condemning the blasts and demanding that whoever the culprits might be they should be punished, it would do good if the 'Sanghis' don’t start pointing fingers as they are as much under the scanner as the terrorists of all other hues.

Surprisingly commenting on 26/11 Mumbai attacks, ANHAD’s approach was leaning towards Pakistan terming it as a victim of terror. Hashmi also suggested that India and Pakistan should jointly root out the Terrorism from the sub continent, to investigate the terror attack and to pursue the investigations in to Malegaon blasts.

Secular ANHAD campaigned for Congress?

In his January 3 letter to Singh, Rupala also alleged that Hashmi had been working against the Gujarat Government for  the last several years and was involved in a “massive misinformation campaign against the State, seeking financial support from foreign NGOs to paint Gujarat in a bad light.”

He told Singh, “You will agree that it is a very serious matter where an official residence of a member of the Planning Commission is being officially used by an NGO for anti-State activities.

“That Hashmi is working for the Congress Party is proved by the fact that she was appointed by the Central Government as member of various committees and boards like the Central Advisory Board of Education, Maulana Azad Education Foundation, Ministry of Minority Affairs, National Monitoring Committee for Minority Education and National Literacy Mission Council.

Most of the foreign donation received by this ANHAD and Hashmi, were for the purpose of organizing awareness camp, workshop, meeting and conference.

Rupala writes, “The fact is ANHAD has aggressively campaigned in Gujarat for Congress Party in the recently concluded Assembly elections and it seems that the money was utilized by this NGO for the purpose other than it was obtained. She was also seen with official Congress candidates at the time of filing of nomination papers. It raises a serious question as to how this NGO which is run from an official residence of Planning Commission Member could manage to get a foreign donation of approximately Rs 2 Crores in just eight months time.” 

“Whether the Congress Party using these NGOs in a clandestine manner to destabilize constitutionally and  democratically elected State Govt?”, asks Rupala.