Is this Modi’s credit or controversy?
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 01-Apr-2013

Is this Modi’s credit or controversy?


Ignoring that the US politicians & academicians borne their own fare for the India tour to meet Modi & they avoided meeting Sonia or PM, the secular media is busy giving impression of a `controversy' to positives. This fact twisting should be stopped at once.

- Rajesh Prabhu Salgaonkar

As per their tradition, all secular media in India are hell bent over making controversies out of nothing or even from the positive things.


Blatant lies

A well-known Pune based Marathi daily controlled by Sharad Pawar has even gone to extend to state in an article published on 31st March, that Narendra Modi has paid the US delegation! Clearly a blatant lie, the daily is not ready to correct its mischief. The daily had in recent past published some mischievous news stories – total lies – about  RSS sarsanghchalak Dr.Mohan Bhagvat, and even after repeated requests from its readers & dignitaries from society, had not corrected its mischief.


Look at the news stories about the ‘US delegations meeting with Modi in Controversy’. Any common man could not understand what’s exactly ‘Controversial’ about it. The news story is itself controversy.

The news stories state that the US delegation members paid some amount to the Indo-US institute which organized the tour of the said US delegation. The news further state that ‘the amount was paid to plan meeting with Modi’! Some also went to the extends of using words like ‘Modi Darshan sold in US’! What kind of journalism is this?

Some questions arise from the news stories published particularly in Indian secular media about the US delegations’ meeting with Narendra Modi –

  1. If some politicians & academicians in US are very much willing to pay to meet Modi, to whom the US is denying visa, is it not creditable to Modi?
  2. What exactly the controversy about?
  3. When in India, there is practice by Congi politicians to arrange such meetings by “paying to foreign delegations” to come meet our Congress leaders to show off the ‘endorsement’, is this situation about Modi not honourable for the nation?
  4. Why doesn’t any secular Indian media pay attention or give proper publicity to the statements by the institution which arranged the tour of the US delegation?
  5. Is it not noteworthy that the same US delegation which met Modi, avoided meeting the Prime Minister or Congress president Sonia ? Why this part of the news was kept away from the Indian public?

Answering the above questions is indeed very discreditable to secular media. Their `inspirations’, hidden agendas & the foreign contacts are being exposed now in the manner of the positive news being treated negatively & one point agenda of maligning Modi image in any way possible. Analysing the US delegation  - Modi meeting news stories, we get to know the clever use of words to twist the facts & present it in the manner which will confuse the Indian common public & intelligentsia. This is ‘Gobells policy’. Tell lies, hammer lies to the extends that the people will be left with no other voice to hear & ultimately follow your ‘lies’ in public discussions. People will ultimately start believing that Ram was villain instead of Ravan!

The strategy is showing result as many local vernacular media started following the same line without simple look at the facts. Nationalist intelligentsia should study this style of working, way of using words to twist the facts, discrediting the positive news & the ultimate impact it brings to the society because now it’s high time to expose this ‘secular media’ & the people behind it.

BTW, the institute - the National Indian American Public Policy Institute (NIAPPI) founded by a Chicago businessman, Shalabh Kumar, which arranged the above-said US delegation's visit, has made it clear that the participants of the delegation had borne their individual expenses of the tour & the payments they made to the institute were towards those expenses. Its not surprising that, the pseudo-intellectuals from `everything @Congress' Expense' culture may not understand this TTMM culture (`Tera Tu, Mera Mai’ – a college students lingo used while bearing own expenses at college canteens).