On day one, Siddaramaiah salutes his vote-bank : lifts ban on cow slaughter, writes off loans to minorities
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 14-May-2013

COw_karnataka_allows_slaughterBengaluru, May 14 : Less than 12 hours in office and Siddaramaiah started anti-Hindu rule by lifting ban on cow slaughter. The interesting thing is, the cabinet is not in place yet. Still, the Chief Minister has ordered many controversial decisions to be implemented with immediate effect. Allowing Cow slaughter is one of them.

Another controversial decision he has taken is to write off the loans given to minorities.

K Siddaramaiah, who took over as the 22nd chief minister of Karnataka on Monday. The previous BJP government had banned cow slaughter in the state.

The BJP had decided to implement a ban on cow slaughter in Karnataka when it came to power in 2008 and had passed the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Preservation Bill. According to this act, there was a blanket ban on cow slaughter across the state. Siddaramaiah declared that the act will be repealed.

The BJP has decided to oppose these moves. SIddaramiah will have to face a stormy assembly session, it seems. All though there are only 40 members of BJP in the new assembly, the bparty is hoping to get support across the party line on this issue.

When the BJP had introduced the bill banning the cow slaughter, Siddararmaiah had strongly opposed the law on the floor of the House. The Congress had even tried to hurdle it by petitioning the governor.

Ridiculously, Siddaramaiah had argued that the ban on cow slaughter affect the cattle transporters along with beef-eaters.

Cow_Save_holy_Cow_aAccording to BJP Government’s Ban on Cow Slaughter bill, slaughtering of cows, calf of a cow and bull, bullock, buffalo male or female and calf of she-buffalo was prohibited. However, if permission is obtained from a competent authority, animals above the age of 15 could be slaughtered.

The original act which was passed in 1964 stated that cows, calves or she-buffaloes cannot be slaughtered. However, it allowed the slaughter of bulls, bullocks and buffaloes provided they were 12 years of age or above and also unfit for breeding, did not give milk or victims of drought.

The movement to ban cow slaughter was strongest in Mangalore. There were protests and occasional violence over this issue.