All non-official public events banned in Kiev including gay parade
Source :IANS / RIA Novosti   Date :25-May-2013

Gay_parade_banned_in_kieve_aKiev, May 25 : A court in the Ukrainian capital has banned the holding of any non-official public events, including a gay pride (LGBT) parade, Saturday.

The Ukrainian LGBT community requested permission to hold an Equality March May 25, but the city administration appealed to the court to ban it because around 200 other events are planned for that day.

The administration said the march could be held any other day.

The parade organisers intend to appeal the court ruling.

Ukrainian society is mostly highly intolerant of the LGTB community. Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian nationals are against same-sex marriage.

Several previous attempts to hold pride parades in Kiev have been prevented.