Accession of J&K irreversible and irrevocable : Bhagwat

Source: News Bharati English30 Sep 2013 11:21:44

Mohanji Jammu Sep 2013

Jammu, September 30 : Accession of Jammu and Kashmir to the rest of India is not due to the “document of accession” only. Kashmir has been integral part of India since times immemorial and the accession was irreversible and irrevocable for all times to come, proclaimed RSS chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat.

He was addressing ‘Sangha Sangam’ at Parade Ground Jammu on Sunday.

During his address at the ‘Sangha Sangam’, Sarsanghachalak of Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh Dr. Mohan Bhagwat touched upon various issues concerning present overall political conditions and the social and political scene of Jammu and Kashmir, in particular, in his address While eloquently touching upon the great legacy and culture of complex diversities that make this land a myriad land of cultural confluences, at the same time, it is incumbent upon us all to safeguard and preserve this tradition. This, the RSS Chief said, is unique to Indian ethos and values.

Dr. Bhagwat, criticized without mentioning the name of J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for the statement he made while meeting with the European delegation wherein he purportedly said that the accession of Jammu and Kashmir with the Union of India is not final and that some conditions needed to be fulfilled on part of India.  Dr. Bhagwat referred to the glorious reigns of Hindu King Lalitaditya and those before him and said this accession was irreversible and irrevocable for all times to come.  

Dr. Bhagwat also made references to Hiranagar terror attack as well as the Kishtwar happenings.  While paying profound tributes to the martyred Army Jawans, slain policemen and innocent citizens who died in the dastardly terror attack at Hiranagar and Samba, Dr. Bhagwat maintained that it is not only Army’s responsibility to safeguards our borders and defend our land from aggression, we all have an equal stake and have to participate and contribute in our own little but significant ways to ensure that no harm befalls our motherland. Till the time we are alert and united no harm can reach us. We cannot, emphasized RSS chief, depend for our security and our defense on govt. agencies and forget our own responsibilities. Though Army Jawans have made supreme sacrifices and we as a nation are indebted to them, the need to be vigilant for us common citizens can never be overemphasized. This, he said, was especially  necessary when we speak of troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir, where exploitation and discrimination with Jammu region has been rampant.  

Mentioning the recent happenings at Kishtwar, Dr. Bhagwat said that it was a design by the political forces operating within the system to displace Hindus from their land and usher in their idea of unhindered anti-national polity. This, he said, could be only countered by being ever vigilant and united.

Dr. Bhagwat sought to dispel the air of despondency by emphasizing upon the great legacy and culture that is bequeathed to us by our great ancestors. There were times far worse than the present ones, but we have always prevailed. It was the time that we repaid our debt to our Motherland by forging unity and fraternity within our ranks. Dr. Bhagwat also said that the present fissures and divisions that plague our society is a culture alien to us. It is a foreign infliction that we need to get rid of. Hindus are, by their very nature and their timeless civilization, liberal and large hearted. RSS Chief repeatedly invoked reference to Hindu ancestry and laid great stress upon to carry on that legacy and tradition further.

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The goal of RSS is to inculcate and imbibe a sense of organizational spirit within an individual so he becomes part of one big family that is Bharat Mata. In this context, RSS Chief recalled the saying of Rabindra Nath Tagore during Bengal partition in which he had said that the path to Indian unity is only through the Hindu way of life. This goal, maintained Dr. Bhagwat, could not be achieved as long as we did not remain united and bonded in brotherhood. He also laid importance upon the need for selfless and people with impeccable integrity and character to take upon themselves the mantle of leadership at micro level so people could look towards them for guidance as an example.