Writers urge Penguin to contest suit against The Hindu
 Source : IANS  Date : 24-Feb-2014

the hindus

New Delhi, February 24 : A group of eminent authors and historians has asked the publishing house to contest the suit against the book in a higher court for “holding up the freedom of expression.”

Nine authors and historians, including Ashis Nandy and Romila Thapar, raised two demands in response to a notification by Penguin India on February 10 about its out-of-court settlement with the Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti and agreement to cease publication, withdraw all copies and pulp remaining stock of the controversial book The Hindu.

The authors demanded said that “The Penguin Random House contest the suit against The Hindus through the higher courts, to ensure that a strong precedent upholding freedom of expression be established.” In its second demand, it said that “lawmakers, jurists and the legal bureaucracy undertake a revision of the sections of the Indian Penal Code under which the suit was brought, so as to protect works of serious academic and artistic merit from motivated, malicious and frivolous litigation.”