Final Dirt Track Round of Elections 2014
Source :News Bharati English   Date :15-Apr-2014

Final Dirt Track Round of Elections 2014

It is clear that Congress is sure of its defeat. It is trying all the dirty tricks up its tattered sleeves to stop the march of Modi, observes Ratan Sharda


As we enter the final phase of Elections 2014, we find that the final track is turning out to be a dirt track with mud being flung at Modi and BJP from all sides. It has literally become a fight between ‘nationalist’ pro-development, empowering forces vs so called ‘secular’ dole oriented forces; and as expected it is a no holds bar fight from ‘pseudo-seculars’ fighting desperately to stave-off their defeat.

All the talk of development and empowerment has fallen by the way side. Modi’s carefully projected agenda for 2014 – development and governance is being relegated to background with active support from some in media and noise about ‘Secularism in danger’ is drowning out every other news or reasoned discussion. It is a field of which Congress and its cohorts are well versed with.

Having accepted that Congress would be decimated in these polls, agenda of Congress is to somehow prevent Modi from coming on the top. So all tricks of the trade – demonizing RSS, raising issue of communalism (basically putting fear in the mind of Muslims), name calling, personal attacks of the lowest kind are being tried. Idea is to put BJP and Modi on defensive. So, no issue is too trivial and all serious issues are trivial.

Will BJP fall victim to this charade? Will Congress and its secular friends succeed in confusing voters with non-issues like Modi’s marital status or generating smoke and noise around already enacted rape law? They know that BJP’s friends (if not BJP directly) will bring out skeletons from Congress cupboard, like passport issue of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul’s detention at a US Airport during NDA regime, Rahuls’ girlfriend, Rahul’s education, his and his mother’s passport, Sonia Gandhi’s unaccounted travels overseas and refusal to share the information on specious grounds of ‘security’, financial games of country’s self-anointed son-in-law Robert Vadra. But, they don’t care. All they want is taking focus away from key issues like listless governance, corruption, unemployment etc. Will people be fooled by such diversionary tactics?

Though I doubt that people will change their minds now, it is unfortunate that real issues are sought to be buried under such flimsy issues. An election that could be remembered for giving a historic turn to Indian democracy with a healthy debate on genuine developmental issues after years is being reduced to old Hindu vs Muslim identity politics and farcical Secularism vs Communalism debate. It is clear that Congress is sure of its defeat. It is trying all the dirty tricks up its tattered sleeves to stop the march of Modi.

BJP needs to be careful to get dragged into cesspool of communal politics and carry on the argument as presented by Modi since so many months. While Modi has risen through all such adversities for years, and I see no reason that he would be on the defensive, I have doubt about BJP’s PR machinery, which has a habit of going on the back-foot due to lack of homework and lack of clarity in this ruthless fight. It needs to boldly state its stand on confusion created by pseudo-seculars with fitting clear reply and move on, refusing to be dragged into unnecessary debates.

At this crucial hour in the history of modern India, we must be careful of neo-Jaichands and their fellow travelers. India has wasted enough years under Congress dominated politics that has kept India shackled to low growth and poverty in the guise of secularism and socialism, which were never a part of our constitution that was passed on 26th January, 1952, but inserted in1975-76 under dictatorship of late Indira Gandhi while all democratic voices were silenced behind bars. People have seen through the charade; let not the smoke screens misguide people. Whole of India needs to rise from the morass Congress has created, irrespective of caste and creed and fulfill its destiny of being a leading nation of the world as it was just 200 years back.

Author is a commentator of socio-political issues