Left-secular lobby’s Modi hatred: Myth of Hindu Fascism
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 17-Apr-2014

Left-secular lobby’s Modi hatred: Myth of Hindu Fascism

Torch bearer of Hindutva, RSS proved its commitment through its epic and successful fight against emergency imposed by Congress party to impose one party. A member of RSS can never be a fascist because of his faith in all enveloping idea of ‘republic of faith’, ‘unity in diversity’ and readiness in ‘accommodating all views’ are all part of his social thinking, says Ratan Sharda


Navyana, publisher of Sahitya Academy Award winning author Joe D’cruz, has cancelled the publication of translation of one of his renowned work, because he praised Modi. Is this stand compatible with the stand taken by ‘left liberals’ who cry hoarse about a publishers pulping books of Wendy Doniger after due diligence and discussions in a legal case when they realized that it is a book full of errors and misrepresentations about Hindus. They have simply gone silent.

Should a person who takes legal recourse as per law of the land to stop sale of book which is patently short on facts and written with a mind full of sexual fantasies be condemned as fascist, just because he happens to be an RSS man? Or should the publisher be called fascist who bans an author just because he praises the work of a CM whom the publisher doesn’t like? It is not that the facts presented by Joy are wrong, it is just that publisher cannot stand Modi!

Act of the publisher is in line with ‘left-liberal’ intolerant streak, even if you don’t wish to call it fascist. Act of silencing critics with force or other devious methods is an old leftist trick. Stalin and Mao could kill or jail millions of citizens and intellectuals because they felt they were enemies of revolution.’ Left-secular lobby can isolate or corner or persecute intellectuals who don’t fall in line. They can seal their professional fate with their powerful networking. This is their definition of ‘freedom of expression’ – freedom to express what they believe is truth. Freedom of Expression is meant only for ‘people who think like us’. Left-liberals with romantic support from Nehru were able to isolate, corner, persecute and throw out right-leaning and pro-Hindu intellectuals since independence. This same lobby has power to isolate or rather ex-communicate Muslims from ‘liberal’ community Muslims if they dared to have tried to have a genuine dialogue with Modi. If this was done by orthodox Muslim clergy, it could have been understood.

During the peak days of Ram Janmabhoomi debates, scholars like B B Lal who were much feted for their work earlier, were suddenly found to be deviants when they changed their views, e.g. in case of Ram Temple and their reputation besmirched by powerful pro-establishment academics. Journalists-editors have not been allowed to rise to the top if they are identified with ‘right’ or found sympathetic to Hindu cause, even if they never went near an RSS shakha. History books of classical history writers have been removed from University curriculum and reference shelves because our ‘left-liberal’ and ‘secular’ intellectuals wish to present a more ‘friendly’ version of history that paints all invaders and Mughals as ‘benign’ and ‘tolerant’. This is the refined version of ‘liberal fascism’ practiced by dominant network of left-secular intellectuals.

Fascism is a political philosophy that suppresses people who have views different from the established dominant thought of the rulers. People can be put behind bars, or banished from public view to force them to fall in line; or killed. Fascism takes form of ‘one party rule’ where no opposition is brooked. This one party rule can be practiced by through dictatorship, fake elections or through a monarchy claiming to represent supreme rule of God. Communism with its history in USSR, China; and Hitler and Mussolini’s rule are prime examples of fascism in West. Countries ruled with Islamic theocratic philosophy are examples of religious fascism in practice as they do not allow any other thought or ideology or form of worship in their countries. The citizens of other faiths or ‘non-believers’ are ‘second class’ citizens with limited rights under their laws. Hindus have nothing to show to be in this elite league. If Indonesia or Malaysia are exceptions it is because of their ancient roots in Hindu and Buddhist dharma which they have not disowned. How long will it remain so under Wahhabi pressure, is a matter of conjecture.

Hindu philosophy or Hindutva cannot be a fascist simply because historic behaviour of Hindus over their thousand years of history disproves this notion. All religions born in India, viz. Bouddh, Jain, Sikh etc. come under Hindu dharmic umbrella. India is a veritable ‘republic of faiths’. Its core philosophy ‘ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanti’, its tradition of healthy debate with opposing views and acceptance of opposing views, its respect for every kind of faith and openness to evolve in practice with changing times does not lend itself to fascism. Its ‘respect for all faiths’ and readiness to welcome persecuted people of all faiths throughout its history tells us about its accommodating nature.

Followers of Hindu traditions and religious beliefs from which philosophy of ‘Hindutva’ has evolved, cannot be fascists because they believe in ‘integral life’ that respects all forms of life and considers all human beings connected as son of mother earth hence, brothers and sisters. They view entire cosmos inter connected through myriad differences, hence have firm faith in ‘Unity in diversity’. Hindus have given shelter to other persecuted minorities around the world since the dawn of documented human history. Those refugees have flourished and grown in their land of adoption.
A believer in Hindutva believes that his culture is rooted in this land and hence deserves nurturing and protection. He/she believes that Hindus have been persecuted for centuries and they need a better deal. How does that make him/her a fascist? If Muslim League is not fascist, if Christian Democrats are not fascist, how does a pro-Hindu movement with non-aggressive history be fascist?

Followers of Dharmic traditions have never tried to impose a ‘uniform’ or ‘universal’ uniform faith system on humanity through sword or any kind of force. If at all Hindu faiths have flourished across large swathe of planet it is because they could influence people of those lands with their philosophy and belief system and got assimilated in local culture to grow there – be it Tibet, China, Japan or Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kampuchea or even Vietnam. With such a broad-minded liberal philosophy, no Hindu or organization built around Hindu thoughts can be fascist.

Viewing Hindutva philosophy in through the prism of Nazi history is a mistake as the premise of supremacy built around it was not based on liberal principles of respect for all faiths like Hindus, or in the thought of ‘vasudhaiv kutumbakam’ i.e. we are a family. Hindu dharma is inclusive and it does not believe in exclusivist philosophy propagated by orthodox Abrahamic religions originating from ancient Palestinian region. Concept of ‘Darul- harb’ and ‘Darul-Islam’ is an Islamic concept which is used by orthodox clergy to motivate lay Muslims to be eternally at odds with their brethren of different faiths and be restless. The ‘bleeding heart liberals’ never tire of talking of ‘Hindu fascists’ which is an oxymoron but they are afraid of highlighting fascist political philosophy built into Islam. Once, the idea of shared culture and same ancestors seeps into citizens of India, there is no question of religious strife.

A Hindu believes firmly in ‘sarva panth samabhav’ – respect for all religions’ as per its firm belief in Hindu ethos. Is it not better to have a plain speaking Hindu leader who respects all religions than a ‘Muslim cap’ wearing leaders of ‘Samajwadi Party’ and other similarly inclined leaders who encourage militant orthodox Muslim leaders, rather than liberal forward looking Muslims and stoke communal violence ; even divide most secular institution – Indian Army on grounds of religion?

Whether at Centre or states, no critic of BJP/NDA governments could complain of persecution barring the aberration of 2002 in Gujarat, in a state that had seen periodic communal strife for decades. Riot free 12 years of Modi should speak louder than 2002. No Muslims have been sidelined in their respective states. Gujarat has the highest ratio of Muslims in government services as per their population, much better than all India figures.

Torch bearer of Hindutva, RSS proved its commitment through its epic and successful fight against emergency imposed by Congress party to impose one party. A member of RSS can never be a fascist because of his faith in all enveloping idea of ‘republic of faith’, ‘unity in diversity’ and readiness in ‘accommodating all views’ are all part of his social thinking. It is time that myth of Hindu fascism be buried for good.