2014 Elections for a Swayamsevak
Source :News Bharati English   Date :18-May-2014


I recall 1977 when we as youth went crazy hearing about sensational win of Janata Party. I could sense something similar in the air. Ofcourse, the pain of betrayal of 1977 still rankled, but faith in a courageous swayamsevak in Mr. Modi gave all of us a calm confidence that ‘good days were here’…

Ratan Sharda

2014 General elections have proved to be watershed elections. It is a watershed because Indian citizens have given a single party the majority after 30 years. As noted by Mr. Modi, it is a historic milestone because for the first time a party has got a majority which is not from ‘Congress school’ in true sense. It is historic because for the first time people of post independence generation are leading India.
1977 had seen a non-Congress government that was populated mostly by ex-Congress people of various shades from left to right. From Socialists to Swatantrites and former Jan Sanghis. Importance of 1977 was that Janata Party came into being to fight anti-democratic government of Congress led by Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Its achievement was that it helped restoration of democracy and enacted laws that made it difficult for a back-door entry of a dictator. People belonging to Hindu cultural nationalism thought played a huge and crucial role in this restoration of democracy paying heavy personal price. Youth of that time, like us, who had sacrificed a lot in this struggle felt betrayed when Socialist groups created a ruckus about ‘dual’ membership of former Jan Sangh members. This led to downfall of the government, parting of ways by ex-Jan Sangh members with a few others also and formation of BJP. We became a bit cynical about promises of political leaders.
The intervening period saw a score of so-called non-Congress governments, who were basically break away factions of Congress. Experiment was unhappy and this led finally to emergence of NDA and rise of BJP as the other pole of Indian politics.
In 1998, BJP formed a government under the auspices of NDA. In it we got India’s first non Congress school PM in Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee. BJP didn’t get a majority on its’ own but was main party around which the alliance was built. It saw the first government led by swayamsevaks of RSS. Swayamsevaks felt very proud but there was sense of inadequacy as many crucial matters could not be taken up as it was power sharing and everybody had to be taken alive.
Come 2014 elections and for the first time, a party with a truly nationalist ideology has come into power on its own. It has been a long journey. For the first time, we had a leader who was unapologetic about being a swayamsevak, about his faith in cultural nationalism and who refused to toe the ‘secular’ line. He was ready to lose election but not sacrifice his principles. And it was how a resurgent saffron party with a majority has taken up the job of governance for the first time.
This victory has given a new emotional high to swayamsevaks of previous generations and the current generation. I am sure that I am speaking of all the swayamsevaks and nationalist citizens who felt a lump in their throats when they saw NDA and then BJP sprint beyond the magic number of 272. Entire families of swayamsevaks who had seen their brothers, sons and fathers working selflessly for the society, and silent women who gave them emotional and family support in their mission felt the same emotional high. All the insults heaped on Hindu society, RSS in the name of ‘Hindu terror’, ‘majority Communalism’, ‘Hindu fascism’ were finally avenged in this sweet victory.
2014 will be remembered for never seen euphoria of people on the day of results, craze for Mr. Modi and for youth sacrificing their jobs and careers to work for Mr. Modi and BJP selflessly. I recall 1977 when we as youth went crazy hearing about sensational win of Janata Party. I could sense something similar in the air. Ofcourse, the pain of betrayal of 1977 still rankled, but faith in a courageous swayamsevak in Mr. Modi gave all of us a calm confidence that ‘good days were here’. Millions of people like me have no doubt he will deliver. I have fairly good confidence that he will make the other party leaders also fall in line and deliver on promise with full energy. He will get rid of nay-sayers and people who forever remain doubting Thomas’s and defeatists. There is no place for people who feel apologetic for being Hindus in BJP.
He is perhaps the first top leader of BJP who acknowledged the sacrifices of RSS and BJP volunteers since 1952 in Kerala and other places. His address today in Varanasi his exhortation to Varanasi citizens to clean up Varanasi as the first step, his light hearted exchange with local citizens, tells us his heart is in the right place. Recalling revolutionary Shyam Krishna Varma’s ashes being brought to India to fulfill his wishes touched a chord with Indians.
Honestly, most of us had never thought that we shall see a truly nationalist party get a majority on its own considering the history of last decade. But, it seems people decided to give pseudo-secular politics a resounding message to stop fooling people on politics of religion, politics of fear and politics of vote banks. Swayamsevaks were just catalysts.
True, this is the role of swayamsevaks, to be catalysts to unite the society, inspire sacrifice for the society and the nation. They could do it with success this time and bring in a historic change in political scenario only because of visionary leadership of RSS who persuaded BJP to go for generational change in leadership and because of a positive and energetic leader, the like of which India has not seen for decades.
Today, as I stepped out for shakha in my khaki half pants, I felt a different kind of sense of pride that I had not felt for years. Yes, we did it. Yes, Modi helped us do it. We salute you Modi ji for helping us see this day.