Source: News Bharati English11 Jan 2015 19:40:41

Aurangabad, January 11: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat has said that to make a society which will make a great Nation is the sole aim of the RSS and with this single point agenda, the RSS swayamsevaks are relentlessly working in the society.

He said that the needed change in the nation will only be visible when the entire society will not remain mere spectator but join and participate the gigantic work going on by the nationalist forces.

RSS Sarsanghachalak was addressing a massive crowd of 60000 Swayamsevaks with citizen participated in the MahaSangam of Devgiri prant of RSS at Aurangabad.

He said that this is the first ever Mahasangam of Devgiri prant, participated by such a massive crowd and it is a small representative picture of the cross section of the region.

The RSS Chief emphasized on the need to understand why RSS organizes such events. He said, “The obvious answer to why RSS organizes such events is -RSS work is increasing. But it should be understood that why the work of RSS is increasing.”

Bhagwat said that RSS’s ambition is not only to broaden demographically but RSS aims something differently. And that is to see the nation at its previous glorious prime level.

He said that Julius Ceaser came, saw conquered, but there is no answer to what he did next. But in case of Lord Ram, his life doesn’t end in same words. Ram’s life is a parameter for many things when values of life are considered. Same is the story of RSS; the organization wants the Nation to be great and supreme; RSS doesn’t want anything for itself.

RSS Chief pointed out that in the RSS Prarthana, which is recited by lakhs of its Swayamsevaks each day, doesn't contain the word, “RSS”. But the Prarthana says that – “Our vindicated organized work for the society, through your blessings, should be successful to bring our nation to its supreme glory.”

RSS Chief referred Dr. Ambedkar and Sir Manavendra nath Roy who said that every person needs to perceive the spirit of nationalism.

Bhagwat asked,  after so many governments ruled and slogans chanted, why the government has to make awareness campaigns for cleanliness?

RSS Chief recalled thoughts of the first SarSanghachalak Dr. Hedgewar who decided to unite the society in a common thread that is Hindu culture and Hindu-ness persistent in the society.

Bhagvat said that the common thread is “accept all”. While the world talks about “tolerance”, the Hindu talks about “acceptance”.

RSS Chief commented that the Hindu culture unites and it is continued from thousands of years. Great souls who devoted their life for the great Hindu nation are the ancestors of all Indians.

He asked all countrymen to reinstate same common cultural Hindu thread in modern language also with our own lives.

He further said that the system of caste wise different water resource, funeral and religious places for hindus should be abolished and social evils like untouchability and caste system need to be dumped.

Bhagwat told that when India in history was standing glorious, entire world was peaceful. He said work of RSS should increase because the nationalist spirit should increase.

He emphasized the need to see RSS work in a correct perspective by joining RSS work.