Source: News Bharati English22 Jan 2015 17:54:05

Timrani (Madhya Pradesh), Jan 22: The definition of ‘Dharma’ is related to the duties of the individual, society and the rulers. It does not relate to any specific mode of worship or sectarian attitude. It encompasses the entire humanity besides all living and non-living beings.

These views were expressed by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohanrao Bhagwat while delivering the “Late Bhausahab Bhuskute Memorial Lecture here on Tuesday. Late Bhuskute was the first “grihastha pracharak” of RSS who dedicated his life to spread the mission of RSS in the then ‘Madhya Prant’ including Odisha.

Bhagwat described late Bhausahab Bhuskute as a sterling example of transparent, honest and studious life. He was very studious and well versed in Hindu ethos. He dedicated his life to the service of the nation and adhered to the path of truth, knowledge, work and devotion.

Delivering the lecture the RSS chief said that in the Hindu tradition Dharma is normally understood as duties. For example, children have their duty towards parents, the rulers have their duty towards the subjects, and to study is the dharma of students, and so on.

Besides, the term dharma also denoted those activities through which an individual seeks his or her reunion with the ultimate reality. But the scope of dharma cannot be limited to ways of worship.

As far as Hindu Dharma is concerned there is not any specific deity, or book or preacher to believe in. Vivekananda even had said “those who do not believe in God, is not an atheist in my view”.

Invoking scriptures the RSS chief said “those who do not have faith in themselves are called atheists”. The definition of dharma as presented by our saints focuses on dong good to others and hurting them is considered as sin. Even Sant Tulsidas who composed the ‘Ramcharit Manas’ echoed the same views.

There is no mention of any mode of worship. The irony is there is no perfect word in other global languages to convey the exact meaning of dharma. The most used ‘religion’ fails miserably to convey the meaning of dharma by expressing all its facets.

Referring to Bharatiya life values and ethos he said that the Hindus believed in existence of one single principle that is present in the entire universe. Our scriptures have proclaimed that we are the sons of the immortal, we never die because we believe that the soul is eternal it only changes forms and it is one with the supreme reality.

The human endeavour should be aimed at knowing and realizing this supreme reality. Once you know this your will experience everlasting bliss in your life. Otherwise the life will be full of misery and pain and unhappiness, Dr Bhagwat said.

Citing example of Great Britain which once ruled over half the globe with a proud statement that sun never set on British Empire, the RSS chief said that after the World War II Britain was rendered so weak that the Empire fell apart with one after other colonies becoming independent. Today, such a mighty state is dependent on the US aid.

Taking a dig at the modern development models he said that strides were made in development but at the cost of environment. We destroyed all the creation for our pleasure.

This tendency was not allowed to prosper in Bharat. Our rishis proclaimed that diversity was the manifestation of that supreme reality hence there was inherent unity in this outwardly visible diversity, he said adding that we need to understand this.

While the world stopped at ‘greatest good of the greatest numbers’ Bharat went far ahead with “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve santu Niramayah”. No confrontation but coordination and understanding.

To minimise our requirements so that others can fulfil theirsis the eternal dharma. To see and experience unity in diversity, to adhere to renouncement and restraint, and take all along with you is the dharma, Dr Bhagwat said. That is why dharma is permanent, religion can change according to changing times but dharma remains unchanged and remain applicable to entire humanity, he said.

On this occasion “Hindu Dharma Manav Dharma” a book written by the late Bhausahab Bhuskute was released at the hands of RSS Chief. The book was introduced by Dr Sadanand Sapre of Pragya Pravah who said that the views of senior RSS pracharak Ranga Hari are also included in this book.

The program was attended by RSS Madhya Kshetra Sanghchalak Ashok Sohani and kshetra pracharak Ramdatta Chakradhar and Kshetr Karywah Madhav Vidwans.