Source: News Bharati English30 Oct 2015 17:41:46

Ranchi, Oct. 30: Reacting to the spate of award returning by the writers, directors and even scientists in the wake of communal tension in the country, Rasahtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sah-Sarkarywah Dattatrey Hosabale described this act as a “deliberate attempt of some writers/historians/film makers to wage a superfluous discussion on tolerance/in tolerance in this country”.

Interacting with media here today on the sidelines of three-day RSS ABKM meeting Hosabale said that no such circumstances are prevailing in the country that call for such an extreme step by these persons. “It is a naked display of subverted aspirations”, he said and asked “Where was this tolerance when Hindus were massacred in Kashmir and burnt alive in Godhra? Why the voices of Shyam Benegal, Vidya Balan and Anupam Kher are being neglected? This is nothing but politics”.

“This award returning gang is not the custodian of tolerance in this county. We condemn any acts of injustice whenever and wherever it happens in no uncertain terms”, Hosabale said.

He further commented “this new found activism on part of so-called intellectual’s stems from their frustration of not being heard by masses at large. How to remain relevant is the main driving force behind their noises”, he added.

Who is governing UP? Who is governing Karnataka? There is no “communal” or so-called “RSS backed” government in those states, the RSS leader asked.

Hosabale further asked “When Gujarat riots happened, Modi as head of Gujarat government was held responsible for the same. Why not Congress ruled central government was put to task? Why Mulayam Singh government is not being held accountable for any law and order problem in Uttar Pradesh? Why these contradictions?

Populace is aware of all the ill intents working behind these vitiated vibes. These intellectual will be doomed if media stops giving them space, he added.