Source: News Bharati English04 Oct 2015 12:52:55

Nagpur, Oct 4: Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram has demanded central and all state Governments to implement the Forest Rights Act across the country including protected areas. These rights are being denied in protected forests like National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries as of now contravening provisions of the act.

This was demanded in a resolution adopted at its highest Central body of the VKA Kendriya Karyakari Mandal passed in its meeting. The resolution further states that this act is equitably applicable across the country including NE; where its implementation is being denied. Individual title deeds have been issued but work of recognisation of the Community Forest Rights is yet to takeoff.

Other Resolution emphasizes that the diversion of forest lands for projects without any Social Impact Assessment and consent of the Gram Sabhas should be stopped henceforth.

Janjatis should be consulted and made partners in development - in all such projects. The Resolution on the Panchayat (Extention to Scheduled Areas) PESA Act also demands that all 29 subjects given in the PESA should be handed-over to Gram Sabhas.

Separate Gram Sabhas should be constituted for small PAD/Tola/Hamlets inhabited by the Janjatis in the Scheduled Areas SA) as provided in the PESA. All 9 states having SAs should replicate Maharashtra Governments’ directions in this regard.

VKA has demanded the union government to put a system in place of convening a joint Annual Conference of all Governors, CMs and the Tribal Welfare Ministers of all 10 SA States; the issues of Janjatis can be considered and implementation can be affectively assure in such conferences.