Searching intolerance: Waste of national energies
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 20-Nov-2015

Searching intolerance
Waste of national energies

Themes for discussion on lambasting the hypocrites and the cynics

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, President, Indian National Congress, seems to have  decided to rouse a hornet’s  nest in the country—a  childish  programme in the absence of any  substantial  political resurrection programme  for  her decaying  party for the time  being after  her  party’s terrible  debacle and  ouster  from power.  Indian society never took her foreign origin into account while accepting her leadership and tolerated it. Mrs.  Sonia Gandhi is known for her fairly considerate attitude towards things. She  met Shri  Pranav  Mukhergee , the President of India  who  once was  her  almost  a deputy and  urged  upon him to look into the  said  ‘serious matter of  communal intolerance ’. She let the President  know that the entire  intellectual  community  and the ‘liberals’  in the country had  become  restless, frightened  and  helpless and  leading a life of  most unprecedented uncertainty . As  a matter of evidence , the  President  must have been  acquainted with the torrential spate of  returnees of  awards of  different  fields and  their  concern over  the  defame of   shameless India all over the world.             

India perhaps is the only country where such dramas do take place in all its sincerity. It is exactly for these reasons that some of the points need careful   consideration and serious fearless introspection.


To mention a few are as following.

Criminal icons:

A  quick  over-view  of the post independence era indicates  that the history of  later  India  depicts  a sorry picture of the INC  esp., Sonia Gandhi and the modern present-day INC  is an example of group of people who spread  blatant lies in a most sinister manner. It is a group of people who in their  cynical attitude belittles  whatever  is Indian , anything ancient Indian , decries  Indian social values and  blindly blow the colonial trumpets. All this in the name of modern thinking and modern way of living. This influence seems to have shattered the ‘Indian faith’ and conscience of the poor Indian faithful. The Indian society and its fabric were under attack and faced destruction. The icons of the INC were never Indians in its truest sense. They were hypocrites, examples of cynicism, and of course many of them were secret criminals not on records.  The  icons by their own examples of  behavior unleashed  the culture of  corrupt  practices , dishonesty , disrespectful attitudes towards  social values and  arrogating power to demean lawful activities in the  individual life  and that  of the society, and  ---all this for short term gains destroying the future. After all crime has assumed prestigious status.

The ‘Macaulay’   liberals:

 The herd of Macaulay liberals  cutting  across caste , language, community ,faith  lines,  is a smaller  one , but  they own a lot of real wealth and ownership of  several  employment  exchanges  in the Indian  Diaspora. Several millions of Indians follow these liberals blindly and many of these justify the liberals and their actions. Western  ideas  and  concepts prevalent  in the  field  of  socio-cultural life of the European  society  were imported  and  borrowed  by these liberals  from  English  and  European literature and exhibited in public  with intimidating  pride. The  proud  herd has  usurped its intellectual  superiority to  defame  and demean the weaker  sections  of the Indian society  without  realizing that they  are felling   the very   branch of the tree  they  are  dwelling on by an  axe. They  are  not  prepared  even to think about the past of their family , their  society , their nation ,  leave alone their  culture and  faith. The rationale they employ is that ‘all such matters are bourgeois mentality and attitudes’. The herd is   firm that these need to be discarded forthwith.

The media—the irresponsible ones

There seems to be an unholy alliance among the media employees, the hypocrites, the cynics, and the defeated politicians. The  staff employed by the media owners have  to be obedient  to the  owners when  they dictate them  to construct stories with  suitable  twists and entertain the viewers for  24  hours. The  hollow talk of ‘freedom of the press’ , ‘free fourth  estate’ etc  needs in-depth research  studies and explore  the possibilities of  enlightening the academic  status of the media  employees. This is no suggestion to develop a ‘committed media’. It is strongly suggested that there is no place for cynicism in the media world. It is pertinent to consider whether the electronic media could be relicensed from issuing new (once upon a time they were not authorized). This would not amount to any sort of attack on freedom of the press. Many a time as at present the news is telecast without verifying the facts and based on half truths or at times false material. It is almost based on propaganda, for propaganda and of propaganda.  The viewers are instigated by the tailor-made twisted news items which creates an atmosphere of unlawfulness leading to the question of law and order.  (Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression includes criticizing the functioning of media operation).

In view of these, the following needs to be considered and discussed in public forums.Is media influence harmful to the social culture and individual psyche?

  • Does media influence disturb communal peace and harmony?

  • Could the news telecasting rights of the electronic media be withdrawn?

  • Study of the politics of awards offers during the preceding regimes. 

  • Analysis of hypocrisy and cynicism on the part of the leaders in various fields unmasked.

  • Politics of personal and personality hatred exhibited towards rulers, party leaders, artists, sportsmen and others. 

  • Study of faithful commoners- followers and irrational mischief- mongering faith-leaders responsible for unrest. 

  • Study of education, communal harmony, peace and the polity.

  • Politics of intolerance and responsible ‘minority’. 

  • Politics of population.