Source: News Bharati English24 Nov 2015 14:22:11

Bhubaneswar, November 24: The city is gearing up for the upcoming festive season and in keeping with the traditions of Yuletide, The Mayfair Lagoon at Bhubaneswar hosted the customary Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony this evening at Mama Mia the hotel’s Bakery and Confectionery outlet.  

During the ceremony, Chef Sahu,The Head Pastry Chef at The Mayfair Lagoon, guided the guests to mix an array of ingredients including Black currant, Golden Apricot, Rum Soaked Figs, Drunk Resins, Dates, Candied Orange Peel, Candied Ginger, Dry Cherries, TuttiFrutti, Candied Pumpkin, along with Rum, Brandy and other spirits to make the perfect Christmas cake.  “Preparations to bake the perfect Christmas cake begin months in advance and is the start of the Christmas festive season throughout the world. During this ceremony, the chefs, our executives and guests participate in this ritual. We hope that the cakes being prepared with a lot of effort and love will be enjoyed by many as this plum cake is usually presented to family and friends to express their best wishes on Christmas and New Year”expressed Chef Sahu.  

Commenting on the occasion, Dilip Chhabra, Resort Manager at The Mayfair Lagoon, said, “Having just finished with the festival of light, Diwali, ushering in another festival truly spreads peace and happiness amongst the community. We have some great activities and shows planned for Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year 2016”.  

Ravi Mohapatra, Vice President F&B Production added, “With the festive season ahead and the cake mixing on, we would like to wish you a great X-Mas with raisins and roses all the way.” For those of who haven’t yet got their fingers in the traditional cake mixing pot, its time you gear yourself up to enjoy the fruits of your labour during this Christmas season.  

Orders for the traditional Christmas Cakes from Mayfair’s Mama Mia Bakery Café can be placed today onwards. Since only a limited number of cakes will be baked, it is advisable to book them soon to avoid disappointment later.