Source: News Bharati English15 Dec 2015 14:19:15

Washington, December 15: NASA is now accepting applications for next class of astronauts who may someday fly to the ISS or even land on Mars. The astronaut candidate application website will be accepting submissions through February 18, 2016. NASA expects to announce final candidate selections in mid-2017.  

Those chosen candidates may fly on any of four different US spacecraft during their careers the International Space Station (ISS), two commercial crew spacecraft currently in development by US companies, and NASA’s Orion deep-space exploration vehicle.  
Recently named the best place to work in the federal government for the fourth year in a row, NASA is looking for the best candidates to work in the best job on or off the planet. The astronaut candidate application website now is live and accepting submissions through Feb 18. 

“NASA is on an ambitious journey to Mars and we’re looking for talented men and women from diverse backgrounds and every walk of life to help get us there,” said NASA Administrator and former astronaut Charles Bolden. “Today, we opened the application process for our next class of astronauts, extraordinary Americans who will take the next giant leap in exploration. This group will launch to space from U.S. soil on American-made spacecraft and blaze the trail on our journey to the Red Planet.”

NASA astronauts will again launch to the International Space Station from Florida’s Space Coast on American-made commercial spacecraft Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner and the SpaceX Crew Dragon. These spacecraft will allow NASA to add a seventh crew member to each station mission, effectively doubling the amount of time astronauts will be able to devote to research in space, expanding scientific knowledge and demonstrating new technologies.