Source: Agencies24 Dec 2015 15:06:46

Moscow, December 24: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday visited Russia's National Crisis Management Centre, also known as EMERCOM, in Moscow. The NCMC is a multi-level coordination centre designed to provide inter-agency coordination and alert people about the threat of emergency situations. 

NCMC processes information from across Russia and is capable of monitoring industrial facilities, crowded areas, tsunami threats and other natural disasters. PM Modi and Putin are scheduled to meet a delegation of Indian and Russian CEOs in the Kremlin. 
PM Modi, who arrived in Moscow on Wednesday and was hosted for a private dinner by Russian President Vladimir Putin, will attend the 16th India-Russia annual summit meeting later on Thursday.

The capabilities of the NCMC include state-of-art real time monitoring, data collection, analysis and modelling. It uses global navigation satellite systems and global monitoring technologies based on remote sensing.

PM Modi will address a gathering of 'Friends of India' and also meet members of the Indian community in Russia. Embeded ObjectRafts of agreements spanning a broad spectrum of sectors are expected to be signed following the summit-level talks with trade being a major focus area.