Source: News Bharati English10 Feb 2015 18:20:18

Indore, Feb 10: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarasanghchalak Dr Mohanrao Bhagwat called for removing all the outward differences and making a organised, strong, and vibrant Hindu society for the welfare of human society.

The RSS Chief was addressing a massive gathering of Hindus gathered at Ma Narmada Hindua Sangam in presence of a good number of sadhus and saints. Bhagwat urged the Hindu society to get rid of all the internal bad qualities and improve our behaviour by imbibibg good values in our daly routine.

“our behaviour will decide the nature of our Hindu society”, he said adding that a fearless and strong Hindu society was the answer to many problems of the human world.

The RSS chief further said that Hindus are blessed because they have the heritage of ‘panth, mantra and granth’ (meaning sect, mantra and book). He urged the saints to make efforts to take these to the common masses so that the masses could imbibe the teachings in their daily life and behaviour.

Pointing to the plurality and diversity in India Bhagwat said that over 3800 languages and dialects are spoken in our country; we have a number of gods and goddesses; variety of food and attires, and ways of worship. In spite of these differences, we are one homogenous society, he added stating that our culture is common; we share common traditions and visualise on e supreme godhead in multiple images and idols. The individual had the freedom of choosing way of worship according to his nature and liking, he said.

But he warned that this freedom should not be construed as permission to switch over to other religions. “We will not allow this to happen. He said we will show to the world that Hindus are much superior in terms of culture, dharma, traditions and society by our behaviour.

He said that the responsibility of re-establishing India as Hindu Rashtra rests with the Hindus and we will make India a glorious Hindu Rashtra, he added. This will be possible only when we follow the advice of saints in our daily life and inculcate in our personality.

Explaining his point with an example of a child who got frightened when he saw himself standing in front of a broken mirror and thought he would die soon. But his confidence was restored when a sadhu made him stand in front of a plain mirror. Similarly, the Hindu society today feels shattered and stratified but can be united on the basis of Hindutva. “Our Hindu society today sees its image from the eyes of others which are divided and fragmented thoughts. Only the Hindu provides a whole thought and truth and we must see ourselves in that mirror, he added.

Dr Bhagwat said that many efforts were made to provide happiness to the human beings. But the material progress failed to bring that happiness. Science, technology and experiments also failed to make man happy and created the most serious problem of environmental degeneration and pollution. It is only in India that ways were explored to strike a balance between development and happiness and environment.

He said that the Hindu philosophy accepts and treats this universe as one family with the highest spiritual message for the world. Therefore the entire world is looking with hope towards India which can be achieved only with making Hindu society strong, organized and vibrant.