Source: News Bharati English16 Feb 2015 16:18:16

Kanpur, Feb 16: All Indians irrespective of their religion, caste, language and regions, share the same ancestors, culture and life values besides ideologies, asserted Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat.

Bhagwat was addressing a 10000 strong ‘Rashtra Raksha Sangam’ of RSS swayamsevaks at Kanpur on Sunday, February 15. Elaborating on his concept of ancestors, he said that ‘ancestors’ according to him those people who laid down their lives for the motherland.

RSS believed that India was one country-one people-one culture in spite of diversity in religions, castes, languages, lifestyles and regions, he observed. He further said that RSS was a way of life committed to inculcate the spirit of doing things in right manner.

Talking about Indian culture, he said, "People call Sanatan dharma by different names. Some call it Bharatiya sanskriti, some Hindu culture. It teaches to respect all diversity. It says that differentiating is not right. This is Sanatan Hindu dharma. Those who connect with these things are called Hindus."

Bhagwat underlined the existence of RSS and wanted the swayamsevaks to expand its base to bring unity in the society. The society has expectations from RSS, he said, stressing the need for its expansion to fulfil the objective. “No matter what caste, language or sect an individual belongs to, in the Sangh we should all stand together,” he said.

"There is so much diversity in the country, irrespective of caste, language or regional differences we all consider Bharat as mother. We say Bharat Mata ki jai," he said and asked swayam sewaks to respect the diversity.

Bhagwat called upon the RSS cadre to imbibe the teachings of organisation by exemplifying good behaviour and character so that they can usher in social change in an effective manner.

“We do not teach to ‘fight’ but train people in self-defence and skills to ensure safety of other citizens”, he said and added that the aim of the RSS was to create men of sterling character to make this society fearless and well off. This work could not be done just by giving speeches, he said.

The RSS wanted to transform the society through individuals. This made the work of RSS swayamsevaks more challenging as they have to mend their ways in Sangh tradition and work for the wellbeing of the society. “Sangh is not just another organization, it is way of life aimed at developing the spirit of doing things in the right manner and with punctuality,” he said.

“This big program is not organized to show the strength of RSS”, he said, explaining that the RSS does not need to arrange for such ‘show of strength’. Those who lack strength organize such shows. We have enough strength,” he declared at the meet. This is ‘atma darshan’ for RSS”, he said.

“We aim at self-projection... At our conventions, we religiously review the level of our discipline and the level of our commitment to the human values. We believe that we are the destiny makers and the future would be made the way we wanted it to become,” he said while adding that the country was “Bhav Pradhan” (feeling based) and people from one corner to another were close to each other.”

Stressing on quality of Shakha, he said, "We can strengthen the society only by inculcating good qualities. So use shakhas to develop good behaviour. Bring about a change in society and it will bring a change in the country. Spend one hour in shakha and learn principles of time management, discipline so that you can contribute towards the society."

Earlier, a physical display of activities was performed before RSS chief. People of all ages, including kids under five years of age to senior citizens participated in the display. Immediately after the arrival of RSS head, the saffron flag of RSS was raised and unfurled.