One should compete with oneself and not measure success with else’s achievements: PM Modi
 Source : Agencies  Date : 23-Feb-2015

New Delhi, February 23: Exams are more of burden than an opportunity to the students because of the peer pressure created on the fellow examiners. Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares his thoughts on exam stress in his radio programme "Mann Ki Baat" on Sunday at 8 pm on All India Radio. 

The Prime Minister addressed students appearing for Boards and other competitive examinations. He had earlier invited students, parents and teachers to share their experiences and suggestions. The PM has been addressing issues relating to the common man in this radio programme, which began in October last year.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has exhorted students to remain stress-free during exams and not to take them as a matter of life and death. In his address to the nation on the new edition of Mann Ki Baat programme on All India Radio on Sunday evening, Narendra Modi said examination is an opportunity and not a burden.

Modi suggested that schools should hold Exam Utsavs with satires, cartoons and debates on the subject of examination itself. He said by doing so, nervousness of students will disappear.

The Prime Minister also had a word of caution for parents. He requested parents not to compare their children with others, as doing so causes stress among children.Citing the example of athlete Sergei Bubka, who has beaten his own record 35 times, the Prime Minister said one should compete with oneself and not measure success with other's achievements. 

Asking students to be 'warriors' and not 'worriers', he said, students should not doubt their abilities.

Modi said students should know their potential to scale greater heights. He asked students not to be superstitious, but determined and focused. Saying that there is no substitute for hard work, the Prime Minister said 'mehnat rang layegi'. The Prime Minister said students should have faith in their knowldege.

Modi asked students to keep testing themselves on their progress on a day-to-day basis to scale new heights.
The Prime Minister was all praise for girls when he said that even during the course of examinations, girl students help their mother in household work while excelling in their studies. The Prime Minister said, students should focus on the present; we think too much about the future or are lost in the past.

The Prime Minister tells students that he was an average students, and jokes that his hand-writing was poor which helped him get away with the exams as teachers couldn't understand the answers scribed on his answer sheet.