‘Political animals’ at Jerusalem Biblical Zoo vote to elect ‘King’
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-Mar-2015

Jerusalem, Mar 19: Ever heard or seen any animal participating in election process to elect their ‘King’? Elections are common feature in the human societies but certainly not in the animal kingdom where might it the right. But this has actually happened in Israel.

An elephant 'votes' in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo's March 17 election to find the King of the Animal Kingdom.

As the Israeli people voted to elect the new government, the officials at Jerusalem Biblical Zoo conducted an election for the ‘political animals’ so that they could elect their king. And the zoo authorities asked the visitors to vote on which of the animals should be crowned king of the animal kingdom!

According to a report by Stuart Winer in the Times of Israel, as the Israeli public headed to the voting booths on Tuesday, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo opened up its own traditional elections on the same day to find the most popular animal among visitors.

Lions are the uncrowned king of the jungle world. But not so in this Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Here the Elephants defeated them in a crafty election campaign that capitalized on the fact that they were the only animals that actually voted.

The pachyderms are considered as the most intelligent amongst the animals. They exhibited their adroitness at this election. They actually voted by using their trunk to put an elephant size voting slip into the ballot box in the hope of charming the visitors and surging ahead in the elections.

According to Shai Doron, the Adminsitrator of the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, the turtles which are carrying around the solution to the housing problem on their backs, are likely to get surprising support.

A 'campaign' poster for the lion and an elephant in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo' s ' Most Popular Animal' elections, held on March 17, 2015. 

For the zoo, it was an opportunity to slip in some education as well as having fun. Each of the participating animals had a poster complete with campaign slogan and party identity code just like their human counterparts. However, the posters also included educational information about the species and preservation activities.

Sigalit Dvir Herz, a spokeswoman for the Jerusalem Zoo, said she began working on the party platforms 10 days ago.

The lion, who won the last election in 2013, called for a drop in meat prices in his campaign slogan while the elephants promised to form a “wide coalition.”

The zoo has been holding elections for king of the animal kingdom for some 15 years, with the late King Lieder, the zoo’s Asiatic lion, reigning for a great majority of that period. However, the new male lion, Ziv, who on Monday met his lionesses face to face for the first time, has not yet attained that sort of popularity.

 In a recent, week-long poll held on the zoo’s Facebook page, the female elephants — Tamar, Suzanne, and Michaela — who are running on a united list, stampeded ahead with 36% of the vote. Ziv came in second with with just 8%, followed by the giraffes with 6%.

“The lions have had many years of grace,” Dvir-Herz said, “but the elephants are the front-runners.”

She said she expected up to 2,000 voters and that the final results, tallied by hand, would be in by 5 p.m. local time. As an extra incentive for visitors to take part in the event, keepers planned to hold a raffle with the winning voter getting a year’s membership at the zoo as a prize.