Source: News Bharati English18 Jun 2015 14:57:58

Nagpur, June 18: Today the whole world has huge expectations from India. World eyes India with great hope, in this scenario, Hinduism is going to be the key to transformation. Indian is gaining importance is evident from the fact that 175 counties among the United Nations celebrated and supporting the yoga day.

Be it US President Obama or Arab countries, all have accepted yoga as an essential for health. This being true, opposition to yoga in India is unfortunate, expressed Rashtra Sewika Samiti Pramukh Sanchalika Shantakka.

The closing ceremony of the Akhil Bharatiya Pravin Shiksha Varg of Rashta Sewa Samiti took place on Wednesday 17 June in Shaktipith located in Ramnagar Nagpur. On this occasion Shantakka addressed the Sevikas about the importance of yoga. The chairman of the program, member of High Court Bar Association Ashwariya Bhati and Veda Kulkarni were present on the dais.

Throwing light on the positive transformation of the society, Shantakka said, she fears that our tradition is wiping out day by day but fortunately youth of the nation is on the right path of progress. Youth is not driven by materialistic, monetary goals but also aims to eternal happiness. Youth is largely contributing in bringing about the positive changes in the society this picture is gratifying but each individual’s contribution in this direction is the needed.

If each individual contributes in this direction, India will indeed become a great nation. It is important to create awareness and inspire the individualism within each individual this can be done by contemplation of Hindu dharma, expressed Shantakka.

Feeling of oneness and righteousness in the Hindu culture and its contemplation will pave the way for the betterment of the whole world. She further indicated that welfare of India will result in welfare of whole world.

Ashawariya Bhati expressed that family is the representative of the nation; hence if the intuition of family is strengthen the whole nation will in turn be strengthen. All the women must work toward the goal of strengthening the institution of family.

India has a distinct place in the world on account of its constitution today. While enjoying the rights bestowed by the constitution, one must respect the duties and abide by them. Today, negligence of abiding by the duties has created the hindrance in freedom of rights. Rights and duties must go hand in hand; striking this balance is responsibility of the women, Ashwariya concluded.

Sevikas performed various physical exercises , Varuna Sathe gave the introduction as well as proposed vote of thanks. Former Pramukh sanchalika , Ushatai Chate, Pramilatai Medhe and sevikas in great number were present for the program.