Source: Agencies23 Jun 2015 10:43:58

Bengaluru, June 23: The Karnataka Government on Monday landed in a controversy over a distorted map of India that it published in an advertisement. This advertisement was allegedly published in a Malaysian magazine.

The major issue of the controversy was that in the map of India,  part of Jammu and Kashmir and the North East went missing from it. On this, the BJP, which pointed out the lapse, sought an explanation from the Congress Government.
While speaking to media, senior BJP spokesperson and former Karnataka Minister Suresh Kumar said it was a very serious matter since it is an issue of sovereignty, which will only “delight” countries who are at loggerheads with India, news agneyc The Sangai Express reported. 

“This is a very serious matter which affects the sovereignty of India. Many international forces, including Pakistan and China will take delight in such a lapse,” he said. Kumar said the lapse was “unpardonable” and nobody, specially Government, had any right to commit such a grave mistake.

He demanded that the Government immediately lodge a complaint with the publisher in Malaysia and ask it to withdraw the controversial advertisement, and also blacklist the agency contracted for the event, in Malaysia.

Taking an account of the happenings, Karnataka Tourism Minister RV Deshpande said the Government was not responsible for the lapse since the advertisements were released by agencies contracted for the event, in Malaysia.

“The ad was released by a Singapore-based company which was given the responsibility of the event, in Malaysia. No way, our Government is responsible for the lapse. We did not release the ads,” he said. Countering this, Kumar said since the event is being organised by Karnataka Tourism Department, the Government cannot shirk its responsibility.

“The programme is being organised by Karnataka Tourism Department, which is a part of the Government. Then, how can the Minister shirk responsibility. No, he cannot,” he said.