Source: News Bharati English05 Jun 2015 13:31:24

Nagpur, June 5: Experiencing the recent change in Bharat the world is looking at it with great hope and confidence because Bharat has been trusted as the most credible nation. It is now the duty of the Hindu society to reinstall Bharat as Vishwaguru (World Teacher) by internalizing the values and ethos of ‘samarasata’ and togetherness.

This fervent appeal was made by Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Dr Mohanrao Bhagwat on Thursday at Nagpur. He was addressing the valedictory function of the 25-day long RSS Third Year Summer Training Camp at the Reshambag ground. Chief of Karnataka Dharmasthal Padmavibhushan Dr D Virendra Hegde was the chief guest for the program.

Other prominent dignitaries included ISRO Director M Annadurai, ISRO Group Director SV Sharma, Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of State for Information Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and his wife Gayatri Devi, Director of Briks Design Brajesh and his wife Chamundeshwari Devi, Rajya Sabha MP Ajay Sancheti, MLAs Sudhakar Deshmukh, Vikas Kumbhare, Nago Ganar and former MP Banwarilal Purohit.

Pointing to the reality that Bharat was not at the number one position in the world as yet, the RSS Sarsanghchalak underlined the fact that Bharat’s image has received a major boosting with the change of government. The acceptance of more than three fourth member nations of the UN to Bharat’s proposal to observe International Yoga Day endorsed this, he said. There has been a growing feeling amongst the nations that Bharat is the only country that can be trusted, he added.

Many countries have military, strategic and economic power which they use to establish their supremacy in the world. But these powers cannot remain with them permanently. Bharat is also developing these powers. But its real strength lies not in these powers. It is in the ethos, values and credibility. This is the very big attribute to our country, he added.

Stating that culture and values pervade the geographical boundaries the RSS Chief said that Bharat is not merely a piece of land. When the British enslaved our country there was a certain map that underwent change when they left and if we show enough strength and purusharth we may change the map of our country again. But Bharat is not a country that changes with the change of boundaries, he said adding that Bharat since the hoary past is known for these values. There was no hidden agenda or selfish motives behind out good work. We accepted the people of various regions as they are, value added to their life and enriched them with these values and ethos. This has been our character and real strength throughout the ages. We considered the world as one family. This is our culture

Calling to end all types of discriminations and divisions in the society Dr Bhagwat appealed to eradicate all differences, imbibe these eternal values in practical life, and internalise them to live together with others. This is must for organization of the entire Hindu society, he added.

We will not allow any division in the society. Hindu society must stand up by accepting brotherhood and humanity as culture to make Bharat the topmost nation in the comity of nations. The world will respect us more once we re-establish ourselves as a nation that has more reliability and no ulterior motives.

He said that the government was going whatever it can within the ambit of the Constitution. But the society must do many things on its own. We have to prepare the society for this mission by giving it a sense of self-realisation and pure love. The RSS has been doing exactly this, he said.

Many people criticise RSS without properly understanding it, Bhagwat said adding “we have no anger against them. They are our own people and we take pity on them for their ignorance about our work. We will strive to remove their misunderstanding and ignorance but Sangh has engaged itself in enhancing the quality and character of the people to accomplish the mission of creating a society sans exploitation and discrimination.

There is a favourable atmosphere in the country for our work. The world is also looking at Bharat with great hopes and trust. This is the time we must strive hard for removal of all types of discrimination and achieve social harmony, unity and integrity to be ready for leading the world, Bhagwat appealed.