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Bhilwara (Rajasthan), July 2: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) believes that total protection of cow and its progeny can alone ensure white revolution and village development. For this, the VHP agreed upon conservation of land, forest, water, agriculture, villages and farmers and forming an integrated approach towards them.

The meeting passed a resolution to this effect unanimously.

The meeting reviewed the activities of the past year and deliberated on the future plans and programs in its two-day meeting that concluded on June 28, 2015 at Bhilwara. VHP General Secretary Champat Rai presented the annual report and future plans.

The VHP organized a six-day ‘Shivdurg Ganga Yatra’ in Pune to publicize sammelan at Pune. Water from seven forts of Shivaji Maharaj was brought in pots in a procession which sported a seated image of Raja Shivchhatrapati. This yatra covered 22 colleges and 35 places.

In Mangaluru, over one lakh Hindus attended the Hindu Sammelan while in Jabalpur Maa Narmada Aarti was performed to encourage Hindus to participate in Hindu conferences. This Narmada Aarti saw participation of 108 castes, 108 Brahmins, pre-counseling and training to Brahmins, free decoration of Narmada Ghats by Mali Samaj, and distribution of Narmada Jal Kalash to representatives of all the castes were some of the highlights of the program at Jabalpur.

This has brought about a tremendous awakening in the Hindu society which reflected in the attendance at the conference. All the chiefs of 108 castes were present on the dais.

Districtwise Hindu sammelans were organized in 586 districts, in which 22,95,552 persons from 65049 villages participated including 4, 72,041 women, 18,15,627 men and 7884 saints of different sects.

Dharmaprasar: In the golden jubilee year of the VHP, 48,651 Hindus were saved from getting converted to other religions and 33,975 were admitted to their ancestral religion. 284 girls of minority communities were married off in Gujarat; 7776 people were initiated in culture protection; 49 women were admitted to their ancestral fold. In North Gujarat health camp 1300 cataract operations were performed while 4050 patients were given free medical treatment in other medical camps.

In Tripura 12425 students are receiving instructions in 345 schools, in Banswara 127 children are adopted and studying in hostels, Ram-Mahotsava were organized at 150 places in Byavar in which 14600 people participated. Idol of Lord Radhakrishna was installed and the program was attended by 6000 people from 92 villages. Over 14000 people from 197 villages participated in Prithviraj Chauhan jayanti programs.

Sewa activities: A total of 15 sewa kumbh were organized in Bharat in which 2331 trustees of 138 trusts participated. 4478 children of 166 sewa kendras presented cultural programs including folk dances, Bharat Natyam, Drama, Sanskrit drama, dance-drama, yogasana, Garba-Raas etc. Over 1500 people attended to witness the program.

It was decided to set up at least one sewa activity in each district of Bharat. Decision was taken to organize training camps for workers. The wars of those Hindu refugees who came from Pakistan’s Sindh province are admitted to different schools in Delhi at the behest of VHP and now they are given all the facilities due to backward class students. On the Mahashivratri day health check up camp for kanwarias was held at Mathura in which 1000 kanwariyas were treated.

Cow protection: Cow smuggling activity busted in Jaipur under Muhana police station precincts. A truck illegally carrying 39 cows and 2 calves was held. All the animals were found dead due to hunger and thirst. The cow smugglers were arrested with prompt action by the police and VHP activists.

Demonstrations against export of beef and demanding ban on cow slaughter was held at Jantar-Mantar in Delhi with the active participation of saints, all organizations engaged in cow protection and other people. Jain saint Muni Maitri Prabh Sagarji Maharaj started indefinite fast.

The VHP has 375 gaushalas in the country while 1424 gaushalas are in contact with VHP. There are 341 panchagavya aushadhi nirman kendras, 450 selling centres, 150 dispensaries, besides 200 Gogras Rathas. The VHP activists freed 16550 cow and cow progeny while 1,33,730 students appeared for GoVigyan examination from 630 schools of 18 states.

Social harmony: Samrasata seminars were held at 304 places, Ambedkar Jayanti programs were organized at 310 places, Ravidas Jayanti programs were held at 355 places and 5500 families were adopted. Ravidas Katha was organized t Mahavir Vihar of Ganj Basauda, MP. Gayatri Pujan was held by Gayatri Parivar. Every year VHP organizes Samrasata Yatra to Vaishno Devi shrine in February. During the past three years, 450 families were given sanskars. Those who are economically sound are encouraged to pay the fees of poor students upto class 12th. There are 170 students at present studying under this scheme.

Matrushakti activities: Durgavahini and Matrushakti organized Ramlala jhankis during Shriram Mahaotsava in Jammu. 235 college going girls participated in seminar on cyber crime in Himachal Pradesh. Five outstanding women were felicitated in Gwalior Mahila Sammelan. Over 500 women participated in Kolhapur Mahila Sammelan. During the golden jubilee year the Durgavahini organized seminars at 1184 places in which 70928 women participated. Mahila Sammelans were held at 203 places and 49905 women participated. Over 3000 girls participated in the ‘Shaurya Prashikshan Varg’ of Durgavahini held at 32 places in the country.

Sanskrit: A meeting of main activists was held at Ujjain to discuss the ways and means of popularizing Sanskrit. In Delhi training camp four vice-chancellors participated while 200 scholars attended the seminar at Gurganwa in Haryana.

Gram Shiksha Mandir Yojana: Ekal Kumbh was held at Dhanbad in Jharkhand. Over 40000 janjati people were present on the occasion and 2000 participated in the Karyakarta Sammelan, some of them from foreign countries. The Ekal Abhiyan Karyakartas did some soul-searching on the occasion.

Vishwa Samanvay: The 15th Heritage Seminar was held on the banks of Ganga under the auspices of Hindu Heritage Foundation from February 27 to March 1, 215. Students from Japan, Korea, Russia, China, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Romania, etc. participated and were informed through documentaries about the Vedas, Upnishadas, and other subjects. They were also told about the service activities of VHP and Gayatri Parivar.

A 20-day Parikrama was organised at Ayodhya in which Hindus from different parts participated. The daily attendance was around 250.

The meeting of Central Margdarshak Mandal was held at Hardwar on May 25-26, 2015. 112 saints were present. Resolutions were passed on Ganga purification, white revolution and village development and protecting cows for that, and temple at Sri Ramjanma Bhumi.