Finally a Prime Minister who speaks to Indians
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Aug-2015

While speaking from Lal Quila on the occasion of Independence day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented his government’s performance to the 125 Crore citizens of this country. It was a big surprise. From a long time Prime Minister of India used to talk to Muslims, Dalits etc. but never to Indians.  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2015 Independence Day speech didn’t had single mention of the word “minority”.

Let’s look at the two Independence Day speeches out of 10 delivered by Dr Manmohan Singh.

There were ‘four’ mentions of ‘minorities’ in the Independence Day speech of 2012. Following is couple of sentence from the speech:

We will make the 15 points programme for minorities more effective. The Multi-Sectoral Development Programme being implemented in districts with large minority populations will be expanded.” Embeded Object

“The Multi Sectoral Development Programme for minorities has been reformed recently. We will now implement it effectively.”

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If the lines look repetitive then it is neither your fault nor mine, but it does help to understand the previous government’s commitment to ‘minority’.

The above quoted sentence is from the 2013, Independence day speech, which had only one mention of “minority”.

This simply happened because of Narendra Modi was the Prime Ministerial candidate.

‘Mint’ newspaper had carried a comparison of the 2013 Independence Day speeches of The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi. 

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Following is the conclusion of the article:

Still, we believe both speakers missed an opportunity. Singh, in presenting an accurate picture of the mess the country finds itself in, and his gameplan for getting out of it. And Modi, in articulating his policies (especially economic and foreign) for India.”

It is obvious that the criticism of Narendra Modi’s speech was simply because of the reason that ‘Mint’ as a policy couldn’t have praised it and hence had to find a fault. Thankfully it could gather guts to state the lacuna in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech.   

On 2015 Independence Day speech of Narendra Modi, ‘Mint’ reported “Narendra Modi’s ID speech was aimed largely at Bharat”. 

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What ‘Mint’ missed was the fact that the Prime Minister presented account of his government’s business. (For more one can read “Accountable Leadership” at 

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But this article is about Indians. I understand, ‘Mint’ meant “Rural India” when it used the word “Bharat”. I am not sure if it is an example of the fact that people and media both are used to divisive speeches by Prime Ministers on Independence Day or media and most Prime Ministers in past have even used Independence Day speeches to divide people.

At the same time, it is also a fact that ‘India’ still lives in ‘Bharat’. ‘India’ can’t live without ‘Bharat’. In reality there is no difference between India and Bharat in terms of human beings, the difference is only in terms of infrastructure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked of matching this deficit in his speech. India can’t grow when 70% of it is deprived of basic infrastructure.

And that’s why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is more believable when he talks of “Team India”.

Not only theoretical but there are statistical evidence too to believe that Prime Minister believes in “Team India”.

There were 35 mentions of “Team India” and 3 mentions of “Team” in his Independence Day speech.  ‘Team’ as a word did not find a single mention in both the 2012 and 2013 speech of Dr Manmohan Singh.   

On 10 August 2015, when Bashir Ahmad War, an army jawan from Kupwara, took the bullets on his face, from infiltrators across the border near the Line of Control in north Kashmir’s Tanghdar sector  and made supreme sacrifice, he did as an Indian, as part of his army team and not as part of minority. (Bashir who was with the trekker dog - Mansi volunteered to go with the search party to track down the militants. He was right ahead because Mansi was running. Mansi too was shot dead)

Thankfully India has at last got a Prime Minister in Narendra Modi who understands the value of Team and talks of/ to Indians, and not of/to a section of them.

Co Authored by: Master Yash Singh