Google marks 70th anniversary of La Tomatina festival of Buñol in eastern Spain
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 26-Aug-2015

Mumbai, August 26: Google’s doodle on Wednesday marked the 70th anniversary of La Tomatina festival which is considered as the world's largest food fight. The festival is celebrated once in a year on the last Wednesday of August.

Thousands of people descend on the town of Buñol in eastern Spain to pelt each other with tomatoes as part of La Tomatina festival.

Google portrays animated moving images of people pelting tomatoes on each other. It has five to six people, three from the truck are enjoying pelting tomatoes on each other. The pelting of tomatoes create a huge filth of tomatoes everywhere, depicts doodle on largest search engines home page.

The small Spanish municipality isn’t the only place being pelted with tomatoes, however — today’s Google Doodle has joined in on the act to celebrate the 70th anniversary.

The festival first began in 1945, when a man was pushed off a float during the town’s annual parade. In a fit of rage, he picked up tomatoes from a nearby vegetable stall and began throwing them at everyone in sight.

A group of people repeated the act the following year, and although authorities tried to clamp down on the tomato-throwing initially, it became an official festival in 1957.Embeded Object

The Google Doodle, created by Nate Swinehart, features an animated depiction of the revelry that about 50,000 people are expected to engage in on Wednesday — including the ham hoisted on top of a pole that must traditionally be untied and brought down before a single tomato can be thrown.

According to La Tomatina's official website, the rules of the game are, not to bring bottles or hard objects as they can cause accidents and hurt other participants. Do not rip other people's T-shirts. The tomatoes must be squashed before throwing them as this reduces the impact. A safe distance should be kept from the Lorries. As soon as you hear the second shot, you must stop throwing tomatoes.

It starts out with the ham on a pole ritual where a challenger, with a lot of upper body strength obviously, climbs up the greased pole to secure the piece of ham. This year, the town plans for a record 150 tonnes of tomatoes from a place called Extramedura.

La Tomatina 2015 will also be launching its first ever Tomatina Race, a tomato-based obstacle course. As a matter of fact, this tomato-throwing tradition takes place in Bunol, a Spanish town that doesn't even grow tomatoes. But wait, you already know this because you've seen the popular Bollywood movie Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara.

The festival was initially free for participants from 1945 to 2012, but in 2013 the Mayor of Bunol imposed a 10 euro entry fee for non-residents. And despite that, 17,000 tickets were sold just to foreigners this year.

Once the fight ends, fire-fighters wash down the streets and people with hoses. And surprisingly enough, the village looks quite clean after, all thanks to the tomato's acidity which acts as a disinfectant.40,000 tomato enthusiasts actually show up every year for this state sanctioned food fight.