Source: News Bharati English18 Sep 2015 13:59:18

New Delhi, September 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted Odishans on their festival of Nuakhai. Nuakhai is a festival observed by the mass over the entire western Orissa, particularly Sambalpuri cultural area. Nuakhai is observed welcoming the new rice-paddy of the season.  

PM Modi tweeted, “Nuakhai Juhar! Greetings to the people of Odisha as they celebrate the festival of Nuakhai. May this festival further happiness in society”.
In this point of view, one can say that this is an agricultural based festival. No one for sure, can tell since how long this tradition is continuing. It is rather difficult to ascertain any age, as ‘Arnna’ rice paddy, is offered to the Gods since long.  

This indicates beside Sambalpur Nua-Khai is observed in various part of India. However, the people of Sambalpur observed this in much elegance and splendour. First, the new rice paddy is offered to the Istha Devi of the family and the Village Devi then it is used for day toady affair.  

May it be the darkness of sorrow or may it be the bed of happiness people of this area believes that the village deity has a major role to play. This faith in the deity gives them immense strength to face the problems or the world with ease.

They believe that if Nua-khai is observed then all the sorrows unhappiness- diseases- and loss of crop is avoided. Whatever may be the faith every moment of the innocent aborigines is engrossed with the blessing of this unseen power. Nua-Kahi can be attributed to the festival of the aborigines.  

During the 2nd Century BC Ptolemy described Sambalpur as the kingdom of the Mundas and Sabars. Gand, Binjhal, Sabara, Munda were staying in this area much before to the Arayns. As the time passes on the Aryans has adopted this festival as their own.