Source: News Bharati English24 Sep 2015 19:58:15

Mumbai, September 24: As internationally acclaimed, Marathi film "Court" selected to officially represent country in Oscars next year, Debutant director, Chaitanya Tamhane says, he never expected the Marathi film to have the kind of journey that it has but it was a story that he always believed in.

"I feel very fortunate and grateful for the way it has been received. We did not make the movie with that many expectations. We were not sure what will happen but we were surprised constantly. It is my debut film so it is a great feeling," Chaitanya said. He is there to attend a film festival.

Court saw off competition from 29 other films including Killa, NH 10, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Baahubali, Haider and Masaan to be named as India's official entry to the Oscars yesterday.

The director says the announcement came as a surprise as they had kept their expectations low, considering the unpredictability around the selection.

He and his producer-actor friend Vivek Gomber are now in touch with their US and French distributors to take their campaign forward for the Oscars next year.

"Vivek plans to rely on the expertise of our distributors. They are quite experienced and they have had a few films which have won Oscars and have been nominated. Our Paris-based distributors are also involved”.

“We plan to reach out to Indian producers who had their films as official entry to Oscars. We hope to have a plan in place once we return to India." The road to success has not been easy for Chaitanya, who first started writing the film when he was 24.

"I was 24, broke, with no money and there was a lot of pressure from my family to earn. Till that time, I had done my own projects like a play, a short film and a documentary but that did not earn me any money. I was very depressed at that time.

"Vivek was a friend and I had directed him in a play. He knew that I wanted to develop an idea and that was Court. He offered to help me as a friend and said I will give you a monthly stipend to sustain yourself, you go and develop your script. I wrote Court in a year and after some research.

Vivek read the script and decided to produce it."