Source: News Bharati English15 Jan 2016 11:46:36

Nandurbar, Jan 15: The Janjati people, who dwell in the hills and vales, forests and caves, are the real carriers of our rich culture. They are the true protectors of our heritage and traditions, said Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohanrao Bhagwat.

The Sarsanghchalak was addressing a mammoth Satpuda Hindu Convention here on Thursday. Mahamandaleshwar Vishveshwaranand Maharaj from Hardwar, Devgiri Prant Sanghchalak Gangadhar Pawar, Guardian Minister Girish Mahajan, MP Dr Hina Gavit and MLA Dr Vijaykumar Gavit were prominently present on the occasion.

Stating that the Hindu culture was originally born in the hills and vales and forests and caves of this land and was preserved, protected and nourished by these Janjati people inhabiting these difficult areas, the RSS Sarsanghchalak appealed to the countrymen to understand their problems and share their woes to remain united.

"The root of our culture lies in valleys, forests and agriculture. Till the time Lord Ram was in the palace at Ayodhya, he did not have the powers to kill Ravana. Ravana was killed with the powers Ram got by wandering around in forests and valleys," Bhagwat said.

Expressing his high regards for the janjati people Dr Bhagwat said that these people never compromised with their independence and never thought of their petty interests. They fought with the British to ensure the freedom of our country and culture. They are the real heroes who protected out culture, he said.

Today, this very protector of our society is ridden with numerous problems and difficulties, Dr Bhagwat said appealing to the countrymen to understand their problems and take steps to resolve them so that they can be brought at par with the other sections of the society.

Stating that ‘Hindu’ is the real identity of all Indians; he said that ours is the only country that has accepted and honoured all the diversities as expression of the one Supreme Being. We are all Hindus. When we go to foreign lands, we are known and called as Hindus, he said adding that this is our true identity. Ours is the only country in the entire world that considered the world as one single family, he added.

Sounding a warning bell for those who try to divide the society in the name of religion, the RSS Chief said that such divisive powers would not succeed. At the same time he called upon the countrymen to remain untied to guide the humanity on to the path of peace and progress in coming five years.

He said India can teach the world how to solve global problems. "Everything is in our hands," Bhagwat said, speaking at the Satpura Hindu Convention organised by RSS.

Speaking about India's religious diversity, Bhagwat said all religions were accepted here. "To be together, it is not necessary to be alike," the RSS chief said.

"We are people of a country where we worship God in different forms. A Hindu is one who recognises that God. We have been respecting each other's differences," Bhagwat said.

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vishveshwaranand Maharaj in his address said that our tradition is very rich and it is our duty to preserve it for the posterity. He appealed to the Central Government to take steps to ensure safety of janjati people in view of the shrinking of forest cover and fall in forest products.

The Satpuda Hindu Congregation saw participation of Hindu saints, sadhus, RSS leaders, and common masses from Khandesh area in large number. President of the committee Madhukar Gavit gave the introductory speech. It was estimated that around 50,000 people attended the congregation.

Earlier, a colourful rally was taken out from the main thoroughfares of the city. The procession that began from Shivaji Natya Mandir witnessed presence of youth in thousands, along with Guardian Minister Girish Mahajan, MP Dr Hina Gavit and MLA Dr Vijay Kumar Gavit.

Before addressing the congregation Dr Bhagwat visited Dakshin Kashi Prakasha and performed the puja of Kedareshwara there.

Later addressing a small gathering at Shahada near here the RSS Chief criticised the US for maintaining double standard while extending a hand of friendship with India. The US pretends to be friends with India and extend all financial and military aid to Pakistan and also advises that country to stop terrorism. Such double standards are dangerous in friendship. We don’t want such friendship, Dr Bhagwat said.

He had visited Shahada at the invitation of his classmate Dr Suresh Patil.