National mourning declared in Haiti due to damages caused by Hurricane Matthew
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 10-Oct-2016

Port-au-prince, October 10: A three days national mourning for the sufferers and survivors of Hurricane Matthew is observed in Haiti. At least 900 were killed; more than ten thousand left homeless and around 35000 need aid. The storm has devastated lives and properly at large. President Barack Obama has declared emergencies in North and South Carolina, Florida and Georgia and ordered to provide help to the victims.
At least 13 people in the Caribbean region have died from outbreaks of cholera since the storm infecting 60 people more with the disease. People are in need of basic amenities and so reaching out in the rural areas and providing aid and rehabilitation to the maximum population is the major concern.

Along with cholera other problems like lack of food supplies due to the destruction of crops, lack of sanitation, unavailability of basic necessities etc. are also some of the matters of concern in Haiti. Matthew went on to barrel up the south-eastern coast of the US, killing 10. It caused extensive flooding, power cuts and damage to buildings in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

According to the National Hurricane Center said, Matthew was about 30km off the Coast of Cedar Island in North Carolina and heading north-east, further out to sea, at 25 kilometre per hour. Passing directly through Haiti's Tiburon peninsula Matthew encompassed Haiti's entire southern coast - driving the sea inland and flattening homes with winds of up to 230 kilometre per hour and torrential rain.

Though the challenges are tough and immense the international aid response in Haiti has now begun to speed up. The damage created in Haiti in huge and rehabilitation to the victims is an important task as the condition is critical.