Source: News Bharati English13 Oct 2016 12:26:58


Islamabad, October 13: Rejecting Indian government’s claim of surgical strikes on PoK, Pakistan’s high commissioner to India Abdul Basit on Wednesday said that if there were any surgical strikes by India on Pakistan, the Indian government would have responded.
"As far as the government of Pakistan is concerned, there was no surgical strike whatsoever, otherwise they would have responded immediately," he said, said Basit during an interview on Wednesday. 

When video evidence of the strike was brought up during the interview, Basit rubbished the claim. "There can't be any video because the surgical strike did not take place. No surgical strike across the LoC was conducted in the dark hours of Sept 29," he reiterated.

He also said that Pakistan support international investigation of the Uri attack, "We would like to get out of this blame game, so why not get an international investigation into this incident? You did not leave any room for cooperation.

When you start blaming Pakistan and terming us as a terrorist state, you are closing all the doors for cooperation," the high commissioner said. "If India believes Pakistan has done it then the best way forward would be to have an international probe," said Basit.