“No Balochistan Govt in Exile without taking PM Modi, Govt of India & all Baloch people into confidence”
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 16-Oct-2016

By Khalid Baloch

For last several years, Naila Qadri and her son (Mazdak Baloch) have been fairly active in highlighting in India the human rights violations that are taking place in Balochistan. But, does that give them the mandate to represent the whole Baloch nation and form an exile Baloch government?

Naila Qadri had been a member of the Balochistan National Party (BNP) and a central committee member of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP). The reason behind the termination of her membership in BRP was a different topic. Speaking the truth, the main reason behind differences among Baloch national struggle has been not giving an individual the right to represent the Baloch nation.

I remember very clearly when, on the behalf of Baloch National Front, Nawabzada Hairbyar Marri was appointed as the ambassador of Balochistan, and among the first parties to show their concerns rejecting that decision was the Baloch Republican Party and the then Baloch National Movement.

To put an eye to his personality, Hairbyar Marri is considered one of the stakeholders in Balochistan; however, he was not given the position, because national decisions are taken with national consensus by responsible Baloch organizations. Baloch people are, currently, in possession of the said organizations that can take such important decisions, act on and implement them.

But, in her attempt to win the so-called ‘race’, Naila Qadri has inflicted a major damage to the Baloch national struggle in the entire world, and particularly in India. By taking such a quick trip to India and announcing there to form an exile government ‘for the Baloch people’ has disappointed the Baloch nation and left everyone in shock.

To keep you on the topic, an individual before Naila Qadri had taken a similar, insane, step by trying to impose on the Baloch people a ‘home-made’ liberation charter which was, fortunately, rejected by all pro-independence Baloch organizations.

By rejecting ‘the charter’, the responsible Baloch organization had sent this message; Individual cannot make or take national decisions. An improvement in the makers of ‘the charter’ now is that they, too, believe in responsible organizations.

Now, the question here is: If Baloch nation had rejected Hairbyar’s ‘home-made’ charter, how did in it occur to Naila Qadri to expect the nation to consider a similar step?

I believe that not only Naila Qadri but any individual does not have the right to individually represent the Baloch nation, nor does the pro-independence Baloch organizations can make such a decision, forming a government in exile, without the national consensuses.

In an interview to BBC Hindi, Naila Qadri said what proves that Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti had the mandate to represent the Baloch nation. So, I want to tell her this: Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti is the name of an ideology that every Baloch, elders, and youths, see in a respectful manner. And most importantly, he is the President of a political party, the Baloch Republican Party, the largest among all that has chapters across the world including Europe, and, that has been very successfully highlighting the Baloch plight.

On the other hand, Naila Qadri is affiliated with the organization that she is the president, central cabinet and an activist too, an organization without a constitution. If she wants to form a Baloch government in exile, she will have to join a political Baloch party, first, because it is a decision an individual and a non-political person cannot make or take.

Her insane action is being highly criticized by the Baloch pro-independence parties and organizations which is a very positive action because there is a difference between an individual and an organization.

(Translated by Zaheer Mengal Baloch)