No politics on surgical strike, please!   
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 16-Oct-2016

The terrorist attack on Brigade Headquarter at Uri was a shocking incident wherein our 20 soldiers were killed. It was a well-planned attack by the terrorist after having infiltrated from Haji Pir and Uri nullah. They struck early morning at 5:30 when our soldiers were in the process of getting ready. They could succeed in inflicting maximum casualties in minimum possible time before they got killed. The entire nation was pained at this incident and demanded retaliatory action from the government.

Ten days later the DGMO (Director General of Military Operations) announced in a press briefing that Indian Army had successfully carried out a surgical strike on 8 terrorist camps located in PoK. Our commandos were successful in killing more than 50 terrorists. This surgical strike carried out by Indian Army will be written in golden letters in the history of warfare. It is a matter of case study for many Armies of the world.

Meticulous planning was carried out before this operation. The exact locations of these camps were studied through the pictures sent by our own CARTO satellite an approximate number of terrorists in each camp were found out. The state readiness of the terrorists before the launch into our territory was found out. Our troops were air-dropped at these locations from where they had to walk 2-3 km stealthily to reach the target. It can be imagined how difficult this operation would have been, wherein 8 terrorist camps were simultaneously raided during the dark night over 250km area. This operation has proved the highest amount of professionalism of the Indian Army.

This surgical strike can hardly be equaled but never surpassed. The planning, swiftness, determination, maintenance of aim, dedication and will to win were of the highest order. The entire credit of success goes to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving green signal to the Indian Army and the gallant soldiers of Indian Army. The entire nation was jubilant over this action. The families of our martyrs who laid down their lives in Uri must have been very happy. The entire nation complemented the government and the Army for the surgical strike and stood behind the Armed Forces.

But unfortunately, this positive fallout of surgical strike was temporary. Within a week politics started on the strike. All political parties praised the Indian Army for the action but criticized the government for taking the credit. It was saddening for the Armed Forces when Arvind Kejriwal asked proofs for the action followed by Sanjay Nirupam and P Chidambaram of the Congress.

The news of the surgical strike was disclosed at a press conference by the DGMO                 Lt Gen Ranbir Singh. The nation should have accepted his words by showing deepest of trust in the Army. But it was unfortunate that the politics started. Sharad Pawar disclosed that they also carried these kinds of strikes during the time of the UPA government in 2011, 2013, and 2014. Here the question arises why they were not disclosed then by the government?

I will not go to the reasons for not disclosing which are best known to the government. However, those actions were small raids carried out at platoon or company level by crossing the LoC up to maximum 1000m and conducting a swift operation. Hence, it cannot be called as a surgical strike.

The surgical strike carried out on 29th September was a very high-level act. After this surgical strike, not a single country criticized the action of our government. It clearly indicated that our political diplomacy was successful in convincing the entire world that it is high time Pakistan is declared as the terrorist state as it has been harboring, training and funding terrorists to infiltrate into India and carry out terrorist activities.

It is a sad note that our opposition parties are politicizing the issue. Rahul Gandhi used the word ‘Khun Ki Dalali’ which was absolutely in a bad taste. Our Armed Forces are apolitical and are not found to get involved into any kind of politics. By politicizing the issue, the Armed Forces may consider very low about the quality of our political leadership. The Armed Forces do not appreciate playing politics over this issue. The need of the hour is to stand united in support of our Armed Forces to enable them to control terrorist activities.

To exploit the success of the surgical strike, the government should speed up diplomacy to convert Pakistan into a terrorist state. The government should also permit the Armed Forces to carry out these kinds of surgical strikes to ensure that backbone of the terrorists gets fractured. After surgical strikes both the Armies had geared up for an all-out encounter. Our nation has to be always on guard and on alert to ensure curbing of terrorist activities.

Approximately 250 terrorists are ready inside the valley. Since the weather is good the terrorists will increase their activities for which our Armed Forces have to be absolutely ready. Our intelligence agencies must work 24x7 to ensure foiling of terrorist bids. Recently there has been terrorist action in Baramulla, Handwara, Pampore and Zakura.

There is only one pattern which is emerging from these attacks that, they will continue terrorist activities. The security forces have to be on its toes. They should be aggressive in finding out the terrorist information and taking counter measures. It was at our behest that Pakistan had to postpone the SAARC summit because 6 nations withdrew from the meet. This was a big jolt to Pakistan.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has said some thought-provoking words. He said that the credit of the surgical strike belonged to the entire nation and not to any political party. The entire nation should be proud of the capabilities of the Armed Forces. Our PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the Shaurya Smarak at Bhopal on 14th October 2016. In fact, this should be followed by all states because a soldier is a symbol of valor, discipline, vigilance, patriotism, dedication and national integration. What a soldier requires is just recognition of his services.

The Prime Minister in his speech in Bhopal has aptly said that whenever we see any soldier we must greet him from our heart because the entire nation can carry out its day-to-day activities peacefully when the soldier is discharging his duties sincerely on the borders. The entire nation should always remain indebted to soldiers because he fights not because he hates the men in front but he loves the men behind.