Source: News Bharati English18 Oct 2016 16:36:16

Ludhiana, October 18: While addressing the gathering in Ludhiana on Tuesday, PM Modi said that Micro small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) is doing a good job and it’s a crucial sector for the economic development. He arrived in Ludhiana after conducting rally in Himachal Pradesh where he also inaugurated the hydro-electric power projects. In Ludhiana, Modi attended National MSME award ceremony at Punjab Agricultural University.

Talking on economic aspects, Modi said that see how well Khadi is marketed now. Earlier it was only ‘Khadi for nation’, now it’s also ‘Khadi for fashion’. Elaborating on Ludhiana, as a potential hub for MSME, PM Modi said it is an important economic hub. It is natural to launch a scheme related to MSME.

Modi launched the National SC/ST Hub to provide support to entrepreneurs from the community. With an initial outlay of Rs. 490 crore, the hub will work towards strengthening market access/linkage, monitoring, capacity building, leveraging financial support schemes and sharing industry-best practices.

“I am seeing a mini India in front of me, he also enforced on the need for encouraging the entrepreneurship in SC/ST. And this sense of entrepreneurship among Dalits will benefit all. There are youth whose dreams are to create enterprises and job,” Modi said further.

The Public Procurement Policy 2012 stipulates that 4 per cent of procurement done by ministries, departments and CPSEs will have to be from enterprises owned by SC/ST entrepreneurs.