Source: News Bharati English18 Oct 2016 19:58:27

Ludhiana, Oct 18: Recognising MSME as crucial sector for economic progress Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that, our MSMEs must work hard for attaining the   global quality control standards. 

He was speaking at the programme of National MSME award ceremony at Punjab Agricultural University where he launched the launched National SC/ST Hub and Zero Defect Zero Effect scheme.

“We should have a dream of making products with ‘zero defect’. Our products should be so perfect that all the countries buy them without a second thought. The global market is waiting for us,” He further added that, We should give as much importance to the quality as well as the packaging of the product, said Modi.

Informing about the initiates of central government Modi said, “Our government has started this trend of launching important schemes in various parts of India, and not only in Delhi. The earlier governments have left a lot of work for me to complete.”

Citing the geographical importance of Ludhiana he said, “Ludhiana is an important economic centre, and therefore, it is natural to launch a scheme related to MSME from the city.”

Speaking on the issue of entrepreneurship development he said “The sense of entrepreneurship among Dalits will benefit the society. There are youth whose dreams are to create enterprises and jobs,  

He further added that, we all need to nurture  the spirit of  entrepreneurship among the talented youths of SC/ST and our government is committed for the welfare of weaker section .

On this occasion Prime Minister Modi distributed Charkhas to 500 women and viewed their exhibits. He said, “Khadi is a priority for us.

A Charkha at home brings more income.” Praising the marketing strategy of Kadhi he said that Khadi products have become popular and now it’s time to adopt khadi Khadi for fashion.  

Urging fellow citizens to buy at least one product of khadi he said, “Buy khadi this Diwali so that the poor who spin the charkha can celebrate,”