Source: News Bharati English18 Oct 2016 17:54:29

Gumla/Ranchi, Oct 18: Pointing at a conspiracy to break India, senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar said that it was wrong to differentiate between the Sanatana and Sarna, are commonly known as Hindu. Differentiating these two is a part of that conspiracy, he added.

He was addressing a massive rally organized by Hindu Jagaran Manch on Monday at Paramvir Albert Ekka Stadium at Gumla. The event christened as 'Sarna-Sanatan Mahasammelan' was inaugurated by Indresh Kumar and Sant Umakant Maharaj of Ramrekha Dham.

Paying homage to great martyrs like Birsa Munda, Nayaman Kujur and Bakhtar Sai, Indresh Kumar said that they are the heroic sons of Gumla who sacrificed for their faith and honor.

Stating that conversion was not a good work, Indresh Kumar said we don't want violence, division, and tensions in the name of religion.

Congratulating the Prime Minister for successful surgical strikes, he said that the Prime Minister has avenged the killing of jawans at Uri by the Pak-sponsored terrorists.

He said that the PM tried to improve the relations with Pakistan sincerely but they did not yield expected results following which the PM had to take the decision to conduct the surgical strikes.

Indresh Kumar extending support to the struggle of Baloch people said that every Indian must support the struggle for freedom of Balochistan, Sindh, and Pak-occupied Kashmir.

Similarly, he strongly advocated for a surgical strike to end the menace of religious conversion in Gumla and surrounding area.

He said that religion is given to man by the God. Any attempt to change it and convert to the other religion was ‘satanic act’. Conversion is against humanity. Converting people by taking advantage of their poverty and illiteracy was the fond game of Christian missionaries. But they are indulging in a sinful act by converting the janjati people to their faith, he added.

Describing conversion as demonic Indresh Kumar said that the Janjati people will have to rise in unison and conduct an effective surgical strike to end this activity.

He stressed on protecting land and religion, alleviate poverty and bring back to the ancestral fold who had converted to other religion.

He emphasized that we will not allow anyone to convert our land and religion.

He also appealed to the people to boycott the foreign goods in Diwali and celebrate the birth of girl child in the family.

Umakant Maharaj of Ramrekha Dham said that protection of 'gau' (cow), 'Gauri' (Woman), and 'Ganga' (water) is the essence of Hindu dharma. Sarna and Sanatan are Hindus, he said adding that some foreign elements are trying to break this unity and integrity of the society. He appealed to all to foil this conspiracy of the anti-India elements.

The conference began with lighting the traditional lamp in front of the portrait of Bharat Mata. Over 20,000 people from surrounding areas of Gumla, Lohardaga, Ranchi and Simdega, participated in their traditional attire in the conference. INdresh Kumar was honored with presenting a sword.