Source: News Bharati English18 Oct 2016 13:44:21

New Delhi, October 18: Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj addressed the inauguration of the BRICS Media forum on Tuesday saying that state sponsored terrorism and state protected terrorism is the biggest challenge. She pointed out that BRICS Summit saw a growing recognition that there cannot be business as usual when it comes to dealing with terrorism.
Swaraj informed that India has executed a record work during its tenure of BRICS chairmanship. “When India took over chairmanship of BRICS, we laid out an ambitious agenda premised on Building Responsive Inclusive and Collective Solutions”.

“Till the end of the chairmanship of BRICS by India, a total of 2 parliamentary meetings, 15 Ministerial meetings, 56 senior officials /working groups/expert groups, 27 working/seminars and 5 events along the business pillar were held. This is a record in itself”, said Swaraj.  

Further elaborating the issue of terrorism, “Terrorism was universally recognized as a key threat to stability, progress and development. Consequently, it featured strongly in the conference narrative and its eventual outcome.

Indeed, what we saw was not just an understanding of the dangers posed by terrorism to the economic aspirations of the world but a growing recognition that this has now become a truly global challenge that the international community can only ignore at its peril”, she said.

“Members of BIMSTEC- Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand – today represent the polar opposite of a terrorism promoting polity. They are focused on improving the quality of life of their people on skills and employment, on education and health, and on the quality of governance and the deepening of democracy”.  

“These are nations who are actively promoting connectivity, cooperation and contacts amongst themselves, cooperation and contacts amongst themselves. Their interface with the BRICS has a message in itself”, Swaraj said.