Supreme Court throws bouncer on BCCI; directs for independent audit of its financial accounts
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 21-Oct-2016

New Delhi, October 21: Throwing a bouncer on BCCI, the Supreme Court on Friday ordered the former to stop any activity from its financial account. The top court ordered the Justice Lodha panel to appoint an independent auditor which will examine all the accounts of BCCI. Along with this, BCCI has been ordered to not transfer any fund to the state association.  

Court has asked Lodha panel to keep a limit of amount for BCCI contracts. If the contract exceeds the limit of that said amount, then BCCI has to take permission from the panel. The BCCI has been also asked to submit a report to explain how far they have implemented recommendations of Lodha panel.

Court also directed BCCI chairman Anurag Thakur to present before the Lodha panel and inform them how he will implement recommendations of panel. BCCI has been also directed to show their all account to the independent auditor and support him in executing the audit.

Court also told Anurag Thakur to apprise ICC chairman Shashank Manohar about the recommendations of the Lodha panel.  Supreme Court has done its best to apply Lodha recommendations in the BCCI for its betterment, Justice Lodha said after the order to media.