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Hyderabad October 23: On the second day of Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini Mandal Baitak, RSS apex body has urged central and state government to take tough actions against those who are instigating the violence in the state of kerala.

The ABKM of RSS has strongly condemned the continuing violence of CPI (M) against RSS and other opponents in Kerala. Passing the first resolution on the issue of violence by Communist, ABKM has sought the intervention from central as well as state government of Kerala to ensure the law and order situation in the state.

Akhil bharatiya karyakari Mandal

Resolution 1 - Unchecked Communist violence in Kerala

RSS has asked both governments to take urgent and tough action against the perpetrators of violence to ensure the peace and social harmony among the citizens of kerla. ABKM has slammed Leftists, particularly the CPI(M) for the brutal killings of thousands of RSS swayamsevaks.

The Communist party unnerved by the RSS mission of inculcating patriotic feeling and the spirit of unity and oneness among the people of the state have been busily engaged in a vain attempt to finish off the RSS by organising unprovoked and wanton attacks against Sangh Shakhas and workers. Communist have become so intolerant because of growing popularity and influence of RSS ideology among the people of kerla said in a resolution.

Taking serious note of socio political conflicts in the state of kerla ABKM resolution informed that, over the last seven decades, more than 250 young, energetic and promising RSS activists were murdered and scores of men & women incapacitated due to serious injuries in the most dreaded manner by the blood-thirsty CPI(M) cadres. The maximum number of these victimised RSS workers, are from Kannur district, which is  the  baston of CPI(M).

Praising the efforts of RSS worker for ensuring the social harmony even after  all the differences with CPI(M) , RSS resolution  said that, the motto of Sangh has always been the spirit of  “friendship with all and malice to none”,  RSS has carried out sincere efforts to achieve a peaceful atmosphere in the state.

The resolution has mentioned the detailed information about the unprecedented killings of RSS worker ever since the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh started its work in Kerala way back in 1942.

Calling communist party as the most undemocratic party RSS said that, It is irony that victims of the Marxist violence are mainly from the poor, backward, dalit and minority community of whom they claim to be saviours. They have not even spared women and children.

Appreciating the RSS Swayamsevaks ,ABKM resolution said that, in spite of all these atrocities and cold-blooded murders, spirit of RSS workers is very high and they are determined to carry forward the message of the Sangh with added vigour.

Expressing the happiness about activities laid by the Sangh swayamsevaks in different fields RSS said that , people are positively  coming forward in a big way to support and cooperate with these activities.

In an appeal to  the  people  from all walks of life especially from including media to create public opinion against the violent tactics of CPI(M) by raising their voice in various fora.