UN urges global community to show solidarity with Haitian people post hurricane Matthew
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 26-Oct-2016

New York, October 26: International Body United Nations on Tuesday urged the people world over to show harmony with the Haitian citizens who have facing a tough time post the Matthew hurricane. The United Nations is engaged in massive relief efforts in the Caribbean nations. 
Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson urged the international community to show solidarity with the Haitian people as they struggle to cope with the impact Hurricane and an ongoing cholera epidemic, particularly through financial support for the new United Nations system-wide approach to tackle the spread of the disease.Embeded Object

In an interview with the UN News Service, Eliasson shared the UN’s progress on the response to cholera in Haiti, noting improvements that he said reflected profound commitment and devotion from the response team, and which he hoped would create a sense of solidarity for the people of Haiti.Embeded Object

Recently at UN Headquarters in New York, Eliasson briefed Member States on the Organization’s intensified response, saying the first track of the new UN approach to tackling cholera involves stepping up efforts to treat and eliminate the disease; and the second track aims to develop a framework proposal to Member States for material assistance to those Haitians most affected by cholera after the 2010 outbreak.Embeded Object

Shortly after that briefing, the United Nations announced the launch of the UN Haiti Cholera Response Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) to generate and manage resources to support the coordinated system-wide response and support the establishment of strong water, sanitation and health systems in the country. Haiti is facing a tough time after the hurricane Matthew hit the Caribbean nations few weeks ago. 

Eliasson explained that the first track will cost about $200 million. The second, a support package to reach those immediately affected, which involves looking back and reaching out to specific communities and individuals, would entail an additional $200 million. Together, the $400 million package would be implemented over the course of two years in consultation with the Government and people of Haiti as well as other stakeholders.

“I am of the view that you can combine a firm legal position with compassion and practical demonstration of solidarity with the Haitian people. The United Nations is, after all, about solidarity with those in need,” said the Deputy Secretary-General.