China’s chest thumping over Dalai Lama Visit: Meows for ‘terror state’ Pakistan
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 29-Oct-2016

Beijing, October 29: The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson went into an unnecessary feud like the situation with India when he started ‘thumping his chest’ on an issue of Dalai Lama’s attending a ceremony in Arunachal Pradesh. While speaking about India’s act to damage peace and bilateral relations, the Chinese spokesperson doesn’t forget to call Pakistan a ‘victim of terror’.  

China spokesperson Lu Kang has said that to invite the 14th Dalai Lama to the Arunachal Pradesh under current circumstances will only damage peace and stability of the border areas and bilateral relations. While calling Dalai Lama a ‘separatist engaged in anti china activities’, the Chinese spokesperson Lu Kang rubbed  salt on India’s #Uriattack and earlier wounds when he called Pakistan a ‘victim of terror’.

Two questions in the regular press briefing seemed managed when the so called ‘journalist’ in China asked the question as a diplomatic outburst calling India’s constitutional state ‘Arunachal Pradesh and its government as a “So called and illegal’ entity.

The answer was obvious and threatening to “damage peace and stability of the border areas and bilateral relations.”

Taking a diplomatic liberty, The China spokesperson also ‘adviced’ India to adhere to its political commitments on Tibet-related issues and follow the important consensus between the two sides on the boundary question.

India should refrain from further complicating the question and providing a stage for the Dalai clique to carry out anti-China separatist activities so as to avoid hampering the sound and stable development of China-India relations, added the rousing statement by the China.

While answering another so-called “question”, which ‘informed’ him about the Indian MEA spokesperson’s view that this is not the first time that Dalai visits the region as an honoured guest, Lu Kang went into a consultant mode saying that having made one mistake does not give a permit to make another one. It is even more unacceptable to repeat mistakes.

Fully aware of Pakistan’s involvement in sponsoring terror and patronising terror networks against India, Lu Kang commended the Pakistan for its counter-terrorism efforts made by Pakistan and supports its counter-terrorism operation.