Source: News Bharati English04 Oct 2016 15:56:18

Dhaka, Oct 4: The Awami Olema League, the Islamic cleric wing of the ruling Awami League in Bangladesh, has vehemently opposed the celebration of traditional Hindu festival of Durga Puja and sought rejection of three-day holidays for the same as demanded by the various Hindu organisations in Bangladesh.

According to ‘Hindu Existence’ the response of the clerics came in the wake of the demand by the Hindu organisations for a three-day holiday for educational institutions, offices, banks and courts in the wake of ensuing festival of Durga Puja.

The Hindus in Bangladesh on Friday (Sept 30) came out on the roads in Dhaka in front of the National Press Club and formed a human chain for their demand of three-day vacation during the Durga Puja. They also demanded adequate security arrangement for peaceful observation of the festival.

Various Puja Committee members from Dhaka and nearing places, saints and chiefs from various Hindu Temples and Ashrams, and activists of Bangladesh Hindu Mohajot jointly participated in the rally in a peaceful manner.

In view of this show of strength by the Hindus, the Awami Olema League also organised  a counter rally at the same venue on next day i.e. on Sunday (Oct 1). The Awami Olema League has been performing the role of Bangladesh Jamat-e-Islami in a new shape of Islamic radicalism and moderate jihad.

The Awami Olema League has been demanding that Bangladesh be declared an Islamic state with Islam as its official religion in spite of the secular nature of its parent body of Awami League.

The militant sections in the League are getting some strength and support from such demands. They get the tacit support from their counterparts in the sister organisation of Hasina’s party to oppress the Hindu Minority in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh administration and local police often ignore the complaints of the Hindus and seldom take action against the perpetrators. They indulge in grabbing the properties of Hindu minorities, looting their shops and houses, desecrating Hindu deities and temples and molesting their women without any hindrance.

The Islamists in both the ruling and opposition parties generally vandalize Hindu and other minorities; perpetrate gang rapes, abduction, murder, and so on. This has become a very common feature of Bangladesh.

The rally on Sunday, demanded a ban on celebration of Durga Puja as a public function because Bangladesh is an Islamic country and allowing such a festival in the public domain tantamount to blasphemy.  It also termed the demand for a three-day holiday by the Hindus as ‘meaningless spoiling of time and workforce’.

At the same time, they defended four-day holiday each for Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha. One of the Olemas even commented that it was the duty of the government to allow such holidays to ease the arrangement of ‘Roza in Ramadan and Qurbani etc.

As this communal Olema outfit is supported by ruling party in Bangladesh, so no Minister, MP, Awami Party People and even PM Hasina do not dare to speak or condemn the statements of Awami Olema League.

The religious rights of minority Hindus in Bangladesh are shrinking day by day without any positive redressal.