Brahumdagh Bugti slams Pakistani media: Says Baloch protests not ‘fake’ or ‘bogus’
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 06-Oct-2016

Switzerland, October 6: Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bugti has aggressively condemned the Pakistan Government who termed him as ‘traitor’ for paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi and also slammed Pakistani Media which projected the Baloch protests as ‘fake’ and ‘bogus’.
In an open message to Pakistan media on social networking sites, Brahumdagh Bugti alleged that Pakistani media is misleading Pakistani civilians.

Refuting the Pakistani Media’s propaganda to project the Baloch protests as ‘fake’ and ‘bogus’, the Baloch leader said that the Pakistani media only spread lies and the Pakistani citizens trust those lies spread by Pakistani Media and the government.Embeded ObjectBugti also said that paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi must not be termed as a traitor act.

Dismissing all false claims regarding Geneva protest, Brahumdagh Bugti stated that if Pakistan is so concerned about Pakistanis then they should refuse support from China and take actions to protect rights of Muslims residing in China. He also raised his voice against the misleading facts presented by Pak media and warned Pakistan to stop influencing its citizens by highlighting the Hindu – Muslim issue.

Bugti said that preaching wrong values to imbibe anger in minds of Pakistani civilians for Indians will not help Pakistan progress in future.

Appreciating India’s encouragement and support to the Baloch movement the Baloch leader condemned Uri attacks expressing his deep sympathies towards martyrs and their families. “Pakistan stands nowhere in front of India,” said Bugti. He also said that Baloch will not back off under any circumstances.

Brahumdagh Bugti the grandson of former Balochistan chief minister Nawab Akbar Bugti, hails from the Raheja Bugti tribe and is operating the Baloch Republican Party network from Switzerland. Akbar Bugti was one of the tallest leaders among Baloch nationalists.

Brahumdagh now represents Baloch at various international fora and is widely regarded as the leader of the Baloch people.