Refugee Camp attack in Niger kills 22 soldiers; left 3 injured
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 07-Oct-2016

Niger, October 7: About 22 soldiers were killed in Niger as the security forces were attacked by a clan of unknown assailants, when the security forces were in a camp for Malian refugees informed the Prime Minister Brigi Rafini.
According to the sources, the military post was attacked by assailants near the Tasara region’s camp. However, he said, it is yet not identified as who were the attackers. Apart from the death of the soldiers, three other soldiers were severely injured making it mandatory to take treatment in the nearby town of Tahoua.

It is seen that the northern and central Mali are under unstable conditions since nearly couple of years. This was following a military intervention aimed to drive out the Islamic extremists. Also two refugees were killed by some un-indentified gunmen at a security post near Niger's Tabarey-barey camp housing Malian refugees.