Death toll by Hurricane Matthew in Caribbean nation Haiti reaches to 800
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 08-Oct-2016

Washington, October 8: A sudden rise in number of people killed in Haiti by Hurricane Matthew is observed. Around 800 died and more than ten thousand are left homeless. People in Haiti are left with very little to survive and rehabilitate.

Local clinics in the area witnessed overflow of patients who suffered and survived the disaster.  Scarcity of food and mixing of water with sewage due to floods have resulted in outbreak of diseases leading to deaths. Humans were not the only one who suffered the devastation, livestock and crops in some developed areas of Haiti were also destructed.

Outbreak of cholera is the common fear Haiti’s are facing these days. The Pan American Health Organization said it will soon prepare for a possible cholera increase in Haiti after the hurricane because the flooding will contaminate water supplies in the Haiti.

As accumulated water receded in some places after Matthew's 235km per hour (kph) winds smashed concrete walls, flattened palm trees and tore roofs off homes, forcing thousands of civilians to leave dead bodies started appearing on Thursday.

Earlier, forecasters and several other authorities urged people to evacuate the region making people aware of the threats of monster storm. As estimated by the US National Hurricane Centre Hurricane Matthew proved to be the most powerful and devastating storm. Matthew led to mass evacuations along the US coast from Florida through Georgia and into South Carolina and North Carolina.