Government appoints 10 High Court judges after being rebuked by Supreme Court
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 01-Nov-2016

New Delhi, November 1: The centre on Monday has revealed the names of ten judges to be appointed in the Guwahati and the Delhi High Courts and sent the names to President Pranab Mukherjee for his consent. This appointment came after Supreme Court rebuked centre for keeping judicial appointments pending for nine months. The files of appointment were processed in fast-track mode.
The files of appointment were processed in fast-track mode. The court said “the Centre cannot allow the executive to decimate the judicial system. The three-judge bench had held that the appointment process ‘cannot be stalled’ due to non-finalization of the Memorandum of Procedure and criticized the delayed progress in processing files pertaining to judges' appointment” in a short statement on Friday.

The five appointments in the Delhi High Court are reportedly from the judicial service while the five appointments in the Guwahati High Court are sourced from the bar association and the judicial commission. The government is likely to recommend 35 judges in the Allahabad High Court which have been pending since January.

The critical comments by apex court saying that the government "may now as well close court rooms down and lock justice out" invited quick reactions from the Congress. The shortage of judges could "lead to a situation where access to justice is denied" said Senior Congress functionary Anand Sharma post the comments.