Bihar Policeman Praveen Kumar teaches ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’… to rag-picking children
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 15-Nov-2016

Bihar, November 15: While India is heading towards the global development it is the responsibility of everyone to work towards betterment of each other to make India a better example of unity in diversity. For a nation to develop as a whole, it takes its citizens to stand united with each for each other. One of such example like when a police officer took the responsibility of teaching rag-picking children of slum areas living near railway tracks in Bihar.

Setting an example of enlightenment, Policemen Praveen Kumar who used to chase rag-picking children once, has turned teacher and now is teaching ‘k’, ‘kha’, ‘ga’ and ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ to them. Children are the future of our country and so nurturing and making them literate is sole responsibility of society.  

This drive of educating children of slum areas is the initiative taken by the Police Officers of Gaya  Railway Police Station. Encouraged by the number of rag-picking children coming for study and their dedication, a policeman has been deputed by the officers to teach them regularly.

Praveen said “I have been directed to teach these children. DSP and the inspector also do the same for these kids.”

Suman, a rag-picking child who now attends the classes, said, “We are rag pickers, but now we are studying here. I wish to get into the police service some day.”

Due to circumstances not every child gets an opportunity of education because at the very small age they earn the bread for their family. Such children face hardships in future due to their illiteracy. Hence people like Praveen Kumar need to take initiative to teach children in slum areas so that they get to learn in cost-free way which is essential and convenient for children.